7 Ways to Raise Energy Naturally

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Greetings, hello this is Abhya. This is a sharing of 7 ways to raise your energy naturally in daily life. This is ‘A Gift of Love’ which I would love to share with all of you, because, these are the 7 ways that helped me in raising my own energy naturally in daily lives. It’s very very very easy to apply, just note that this is not a quick fix solution, like one time of solution. But it’s more like the things that we can practice during the day, everyday, so that is subsequently increase and raise our energy over the days, and eventually we will reach that the energy [level] that we desired.

Okay, so let’s move to the first the first way so how to naturally raise energy. I think the first and the most important, yet the simplest way is trough breathing- deep breath. So let’s try by inhaling deep into your belly and exhaling from your belly. Ahh.. So by inhaling deeper into your belly you are inhaling more oxygen to your cells and subsequently you’ll have more energy, right? So, the practice that I practiced is called 3-3-6-3 technique. I learned it from my Master Sifu in Qigong, it’s very easy to remember. First, let’s do it together. When we breathe in, breathe in at the count of three seconds: 1-2-3 breathing in; and hold for 3 seconds: 1-2-3; and out-exhale in 6 seconds: 1-2-3-4-5-6; and then we hold for 3 seconds: 1-2-3. So, there is the count of 3-3-6-3. Inhale 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds, and hold for another 3 seconds. So this is one technique which you can remind yourself whenever you feel like you need more energy, try this 3-3-6-3 technique. Alright?

So let’s move on to the second technique. The second is called.. it’s what we eat, by eating ‘live’ food. What do you mean by ‘live’? ‘Live’ means something that is not dead, so what’s the difference? For example, ‘live’ food are raw fruits, food, colourful plants, and ‘dead’ food are those which are processed food, can food, tin food, man-made food, so that’s the difference between the ‘live’ and processed food. Because, we are what we eat, you are what you eat basically, so simple. What are the practice[s] that we can do is eat colourful, ‘live’, raw food. There are some studies or some people claimed that eating plant based food or with intermittent fasting will eventually gain more energy. And that works for me too. Because everyone is different, I would advise you to experience and experiment it yourself, does it work for you. And, also one thing, [is] to limit process food, probably shift and exchange processed food into more colourful ‘live’ fruits [and] food. So, that’s for the second.

And, the third way is [hahaha] – sing out loud. What we going to do is just singing out loud wherever you are, maybe when you’re alone in the car, in the bathroom, in your homeroom, just sing your favourite rhythms, your favourite songs because when we sing, the energy is moving in circular inside the body. So.. because when we feel sluggish or tired, it means there is a stagnant of.. or certain energy blockage inside the body. When we sing, there is a circulation, there is a movement, thus energy keeps going on. So that’s for the third one.

What about the fourth one? The fourth one is to – Move Your Body. This is one common thing that we all know, moving our body will boost our energy. And, [it] is the same as singing, it will cause.. create a circulation of energy within the body, so, one thing that we can do, simply, just by shaking the body for at least a minute. You can even do it now, by shaking your hands, shaking your legs and just bouncing, and just allow this energy flow. There are a lot of practices like Qigong, dance, martial arts, for lymphatic movement, there are a lot of, even yoga they have this special technique it’s called – shaking. Just by shaking and imagine you’re shaking the stress off the body.

And, moving on to the fifth way, for me, is to practice pause. That means, take a break. Because when we take a break, it maximise[s] our productivity. And when you search, check this out called – Ultradian Rhythm, where our body, our mind.. the mind focus at most at about at a certain minutes, if I am not wrong, it’s either 25 to 40 minutes.. 45 minutes, and we needed a rest, probably 5-minute rest up to 20 minutes rest to refocus again, and that works the best for the mind. And, that’s how we create, that’s how the body resets the mind and body, in terms of productivity, in terms of energy. So, check that up, so what we can do to practice this? Is by setting timer, let’s say we are working right, we set a timer for 25 minutes, and then, as a start, pause and break for 5 minutes, and continue to focus for 25 minutes [then] pause for 5 minutes, and continue the third cycle – work for 25 minutes and pause for 5 minutes. And after 3 sets, you will rest for 20 minutes. And slowly we can have our work time increase up to 40 minutes. So that is one good tip that I am.. I love it, that I am practicing as well.

Moving on to the next, the sixth ways to raise the energy is by giving and sharing. It is what I am doing right now. When we give, we receive at the same time. This [is] one part of the law of the Universe, because what you give is what you receive. [The] law of effect. So, by giving energy, you will receive energy; by giving love, you will receive love. What we can do to practice is by giving compliments, the easiest thing is to give compliments, to give hugs, to give all the kind words, warmth, blessings, probably gift, and some of the wisdom, if people ask for it. So that is one way, very interesting, that is one way to gain more energy as well. It is just purely by giving.

And the last one, the last tip that I have is – to be grateful. To focus on this ‘grateful’ point because gratitude is the highest vibration there is. So by practicing gratitude, be thankful for what you had, what you have, and what [is] coming to you, you will be able to instantly raise that energy.. the frequency. If you know that different emotions have different frequencies, there is a map here [shared below]. ‘Love’ and ‘gratitude’ [are] the .. one of the top emotions that [have] the highest frequency. So, whenever you feel like nothing is moving [or] going well, what we can do is, to turn into gratitude. To count your blessings. So my question to you is, now, what are you grateful for today? What is the one reason that make you smile today?

So, here we are, the 7 ways to raise your energy, from the first is – deep breath [inhale-exhale], and second, eating.. eat more ‘live’ food. The third is, Sing, Sing Out Loud~ The fourth is to Move Your Body. And, fifth is to practice pause. And, sixth, is to give and share. And last[ly], the seventh, is to be grateful. Remember, everything is energy and that is all there is to it. It is a quote shared by Albert Einstein. To match the frequency of what the reality want is. Because, I personally would love to advise and suggest you, to search more about this called “the law of resonance”, by resembling this frequency, you will [be]. By being grateful, you are grateful. Do you get what I mean? So yeah, find out more and I hope this serves you well. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful good life.


The Emotions Chart shared by Aaron Doughty:

Receive the PDF version here:



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