Time To Shine

Sunset in my hometown – Gopeng

When it is time to shine, you shine as bright as you can!

Entering the Sagittarius season excites me to explore different adventures daily, be it from reading, watching, singing, cycling, walking, or meditating. With one intention, to explore different perspectives of life by expanding the horizon.

With my Sagittarius rising, I am absolutely in love with new discoveries and adventures daily. I am a seeker, an opportunist, a gambler. A freedom-loving and independent person where I cannot tolerate being caged or stay in the same secure little world for long. Thus, exploring is perfect!

What do you do to explore?

Recent days, I have been cycling, walking, climbing to see life in various angles and most importantly fulfil my social needs with others. Exchanging smiles with strangers would make me happy, that is how simple it is. Listening to the beezing sound of insects, chirping sound of birds, and the flowing sound of the river. Seeing how the wind blows on the tallest tress. Watching the sunsets and ever changing clouds. Touching the cold water streams and washing my face with it. Feeling the warmth of sun rays and the windy wind on my skin.

Such beauty.. ahhh I missed you so much!

Here am I, sharing the beauty of exploration and inviting you to explore too. In your own ways, as you know what best for you eh. Wishing we could enjoy the ride of December in 2020, so much so we hope for freedom, it starts from within.

You are always free~

Sharing my fun encounters in Chinese:



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