Fear of Change

With the solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on the south node of the new moon, it brings out the shadows of the collective. The south node is about reviewing the past and getting tools from the lessons learnt from what we have been through.

Therefore, today marks the first day of ‘Unspeakable Love’ on Fear.

Let’s start.

Unspeakable Love‘ is a series that we want to focus on reflecting our fear where people hardly talk about, it’s an unspoken love. Today’s focus is on change and letting go.

Some of us might have heard of this: “leaving the comfort zone is where the magic happens”. But I am afraid of change. And, afraid of letting go. It’s like I would rather sit on the couch in my own space binge-watching repeating movies and shows (comfort zone) rather than going outside to explore the unknown path (outside of comfort zone). Do you ever felt that?

“Ignorance is always afraid of change”.

Jawaharlal Nehru

Q: Why are we afraid of change?

Biologically speaking, looking back to the days where our ancestors were hunting food and running away from predators, that is a survival mechanism where the physical aspect of us, the body, what do its best to protect us from perceived danger. Therefore, it is common for us to activate the survival mode throughout the day due to the perceived dangers of stress and pressure.

But, when we are constantly triggered, the body sympathetic nervous system it’s activated to stay alert at all time. Our body is designed to reach homeostasis balance, when it is out of balance by prolonged fight-flight mode, chronic stress is created leading to all kinds of diseases.

Do you find yourself keep relieving the same emotions daily that does not serve your highest good? Don’t you find it heavy to carry all of the baggages that does not belong to you?

Now is the best time to be reflect:

What are you holding inside that you are afraid to change?

Try doing something that you have never done before like letting go. Only by walking to the edge of the bridge, taking the leap of faith, you will be able to experience the next step.

Maybe you will experience pain by facing what you have been denying yourself or facing past experiences which is hurtful. It is like walking through a dark tunnel searching for light. It is also like releasing the stones on your shoulder to fly higher. Maybe by then, you will feel lighter.

Only you will know what’s next once you experienced it.

May you enjoy the journey of letting go. May you experience the joy of embracing the unknown. May you release what doesn’t serve you and make space for new blessings to come. May you know that, you are enough.



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