Emotions 理解情绪

Jump shot at Shangrila, China

Have you tried acknowledging your emotions when it arises and let it go through its cycle?

What do you do to express emotions healthily?

[Listen to Audio in English] on 3 Important Tips on Dealing with Emotions to find out.

This audio shared about dealing with emotions with 3 important tips. There is a huge different to manage my emotions from what I have learned since young and what I recently learned during quarantine days this year, thus, I would love to share it with you.

Sharing on..

  • What is emotion?
  • What is the differences between emotion and feeling?
  • What to do when emotion arises?
  • Briefly, what did I do to express emotions by not harming myself?

Thank you for the step you take to know and deal with your emotions better!






  • 什么是情绪?情绪的两个特征
  • 当情绪出现时该怎么办?我的应对方式
  • 简而言之,我怎么做才能通过不伤害自己来表达自己的情感?



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