3 Side Effects of Solitude

Alone time in Pahang, Malaysia

The Void within

Some says, not all of us are here to be understood. And, not all our loved ones will grow with us. That’s what I deeply resonate with. Especially when I am in solitude. Being in the neutral state, not overjoying, not depressing. With no need of external stimuli, I am.

What are the side of effects of solitude & in silence?

For me, I am experiencing 3 benefits of solitude, which are..

(solitude here is in the sense of minimum screens/devices, minimum interactions with people and being in nature)

1. self REFLECTION & reconnection;

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

Ram Dass

I enjoy my solitude time without screens, without devices, without people, just me and nature. Plus the mind chatter and memories, of course. The goal of silence is not to get away from distractions and live up the mountain, but it is to be in tune with inner silence anywhere, be it in the crowds or alone. For me, being in my own space make it much easier to tune in. With a pen and a journal, it is the best time to jot down my thoughts, ideas, and gratitude. That’s how my reflection begins. When the chatter is released on paper, observing the surrounding and be with is my kind of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

That is a space where nothing exists, the void, the emptiness. No one, no thing, no time only spaciousness. Just like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work on “from somebody to nobody”. Just like Ram Dass’s documentary on “Becoming Nobody”. Just like so many teachers sending messages to the world saying ‘we are one’, because that is the unified field where only oneness exists. That’s how I reconnect to the ‘source’, to the ‘god’, to the ‘universe’, to the “I am”..


When I am in the natural state, where the body is allowed to rest, the mind chatter and the heart’s desire are aware, healing takes place instantly. A moment for all (mind, body, soul) to restore, rather than the habitual consumption from food, information, and knowledge. The body has a survival mechanism to protect us from perceived danger, thus, whatever we perceived as danger put us in high alert state.

Though there are pre-conditions to allow the body to do its job to restore. I noticed many of us simply do not allow or rather do not know how to allow the body to rest. With our habitual learned behaviour, even when we are alone in our own space, there will be screens of devices with tons of external stimuli to fill the void within. When one fill the void within internally, I deem, restoration and healing can happen instantly.

*Sharing more on our fears, blocks & resistance towards solitude and silence from “Daily Silence” soon.

3. enhance relationships.

“Fill your own cup first so you can love others better.”

When we fail to fill our own cup, taking care of our needs first, we have nothing left to give or share with others. Thus, alone time, me-time is essential to prioritise my needs, do what I need to do, and then sharing it with my loved ones. That’s one sustainable way, isn’t? It is a society belief that putting myself first is a self-centered way, it feels really good to help people in need, but when we are incapable of taking care of ourselves, we are incapable of taking care of others.

When I took the time off for myself, I replenish all the ‘stocks’ I needed, so I could share it with others, even more to give when I am in balance. Imagine if everyone or most of us could take responsibility on fulfilling own needs first, how would the world be like? (em, duality of opposite forces will still be there, but hey, why not?)

In my case, I would spend time in solitude, then return to my loved ones to share my essence, learnings and joy. My reactions to others are different from the past, thus, people would also react differently to me. Talk about the Law of Cause and Effect eh. It is true. When I change my response to my family’s behaviour such as anger or passive aggressiveness, it changes their response too.

For the sake of yourself and your loved ones, if you have yet to experience solitude. I invite you to dive deeper to know your resistance and fear and take baby steps to experience it yourself to find out. Enjoy ~

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Breathe deep,


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