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Welcoming 2021, it has been 10 days in a new year, how has it been for you? January is my favourite month of the year, mainly because of the birth month of mine. =) To be very transparent here, I have been hibernating in the sense of not creating anything, a bit of sharing on Instagram stories but not creating anything.

Because, I delved into the deep hole of studying my own astrology birth chart, understanding my signs, planets and houses. It has been a huge acknowledgements, recognizations, and learning about my personality with the cosmic blueprint that is imprinted within me. It is not an easy path to acknowledge the ‘weaknesses’ and challenges, especially for the ego side. It hurts to just admitting it!

Thanks to my daily nutrients emotionally, physically and spiritually – alignment with Matias of Yosoy.red; meditation; morning flow with Dianna; love-care from parents; and occasion singing, dancing, night walking and cycling, all of these fill my soul & body. Oh, friends checking up with me too, gave me a lot of sweetness knowing someone care for you. Really appreciate that. =)

Sharing some of my recent discoveries on astrology:

//PS: Get your own free birth chart report here: Cafe Astrology or justastrologythings. I also have 2 related apps on daily updates: The Pattern & Co-Star.//

First, I learn to owning my south node (past life)’s talents and karma then heading towards my north node – where am I heading this lifetime.

  • Summary of my North Node (Capricorn) & South Node (Cancer):
    • Take responsibility for your life to create self sufficient life by taking your power – make strategic plans, stay self disciplined, stick to the goals;
    • Let go of the past by taking care of your needs, not compromising them;
    • Lead with empathy by utilising your emotional nurturer nature to be aware of others feelings;
    • Heal self & others by sharing your stories – take charge of own emotions & allow others to take charge of their own.

Why is it a challenge for me? I usually flow with things, but with this, I need to insert ‘hard-core-discipline’ within my daily routine focusing on the ‘work’ and exercise. Yada. Cancer has a very nurturing-home energy where I do have the ability to take care of people by sensing their needs, thus, I tend to put others’ needs more than mine. Valuing my needs is the key now and allowing others to feel their own emotions than trying to make them feel better or ‘saving’ them. Pheww.

Second, I also own my sun (identity) & my moon (emotions), allowing both to shine.

  • Summary of my Sun (Aquarius) & Moon (Leo):
    • A quest towards a sense of personal authenticity coupled with the need to creatively express one’s true individuality and receive validation for their essential identity;
    • Nourishing Moon in Leo with recognition & validation of the unique self – honour, praise, acknowledgement & acceptance;
    • Integrating both by artfully maintain and preserve that genuine place within where your heart store your uniqueness while simultaneously offering it as a gift to free humanity from its self imposed limits. That’s a win-win.

Why is this challenging for me? To acknowledge that I need validation and praise from people is a pain for the ego. But, I do feel good with acknowledgements from others. So all kinds of appraisals are welcome! =)

And some other details where I find it useful to keep it to myself to explore. By understanding this cosmic blueprint, it gave me a confirmation to go where my heart leads to. And, understanding who am I and why am I behaving like this. It connected dots and answered my questions for life. Serving as a guide, I wish the same for you to use this ‘tool’ to dive deeper for release and growth.

3 Reflecting questions: What have been repeating in your life? Where have you lost your power? What are your capabilities?

May 2021 be the start of deeper understanding, expressing self, integrating light & shadows, and transcending it. May you receive what your heart’s desired, by first, realising you have a choice. And, creating a resilient life in 2021.

//PS: Recommended to watch or read Teal Swan’s Forecast 2021 & Tips: Watch on YouTube or Read her blog //

Deep hugs,

Abhya Pan Vic Qi

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