Life in Lockdown – how are you doing?

In Malaysia, my country, has announced another lockdown, we called it – Movement Control Order (MCO), for the N times which lead more stay-at-home moments, especially the coming Chinese New Year.

We know since 2020, things has never been the same. Yet, we always wish for the better no?

How has your life been since lockdown?

Has it been an opportunity for change in daily habits?

Some of the changes happening around us:

  • Our daily habits changed- eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Our social habits changed.
  • Our work environment changed.
  • Our consumption changed.
  • Health is prioritised.
  • Growing trend of baking, cooking and growing herbs.
  • Spending more time in nature.

The one change that I see in myself during these lockdown period is being able to be much more adaptable to change.

Sharing you my tidbits of life during the lockdown in the video above:

Lesser traffic and cars on road? Maybe

Get to focus without physical appointments? YES

Get to learn new stuff online? YES

Get to spend more time with yourself? YES

More homegrown food ? YES

Get to spend more time in nature with lesser crowd? YES

Get to spend more time with loved ones? YES

Getting closer to the chickens next door? YES

Get to cycle more often? YES

Get to dance more? YES

Get to move with friends anytime (online)? YES

More experiments? YES

Play more kalimba? YES

Get to do more of what I love? YES

Get to meet friends with just one click? YES

More singing out loud? YES

Your turn. What’s your story?

Enjoy dear one, however you feel and wherever you are.

“With my quarantine, good habits came of it. But I want others to know it’s okay if good, bad, or nothing came out of this quarantine. Just you living another day is excellent enough.”

Farishta Saifi, a 23-year-old home health aide.


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