Survival and Creation Mode

Chap 2 – Day 2 of Remembering “Who am I” series

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Hello there, welcome to [the] 2nd chapter called “Survival and Creation mode”. Today we will be going through and to understand what is survival mode and creation mode, and how can we shift from survival to creation.

The first chapter talk about the prolong effects of stress on our body mind and heart, so, I will be giving a quick introduction about the stress and the consequences of living in the state of survival, which most of us are living in this state. Here you go. Now this is the scenario for us we’re living in a constant survival state.

When we are in a survival mode, we use our senses to observe to determine, we identify ourselves with the body, with the environment, and with time. Therefore, it created a personality and with this long lasting memories of experiences, who we are are based on the past experiences- based on the knowns, where most of us focus our attention on. We perceive reality through a lens of the past. We define ourselves through body living in a certain environment at certain times. Focusing more on matter and less on energy being in this physical 3D reality.

So, when there is [an] accumulation of stress in the body, this body will draw energy from our invincible electromagnetic field because it produces chemistry, where there is more chemistry produce frequently, it is more intense. The more energy the body will need to consume. It endorses our senses, we pay much more attention to the matter and to the knowns. Therefore the vital field energy around our body shrinks and we feel much more matter and less energy because the frequency of our body decreases and we feel much more than denser, at the same time we are running out of energy.

When this fight or flight mode [is] on to protect ourselves from perceived danger, in the long-term it created effect on us, which we are addicted to stress chemicals [in] the body. [Our] attention is constantly focusing on this one person, on one thing, one problem, and one place all the time. We [are] constantly alert and we are obsessed over time. We are worry whether time is enough, so in conclusion, we will view our environment not being safe because we are constantly focus on the environment.

[The] outer world will appears more real than the inner world, and with this active brain state in beta waves as it goes longer with this active waves, we will.. the body will start to feel pain, anxiety, worry, anger, created this incoherent brain waves. So we hold on emotions on us, when we hold on emotions, we need conditions in the external world to affirm.. to reaffirm our addiction to those emotions. So, constantly we need stronger emotional reaction to place more energy on us so we give power a way to someone or something in this physical reality to reaffirm our present reality. Therefore in survival state, unknown is a very scary place.

[But,] to make changes, we need to step into the unknown because what’s the point of keeping repeating our past when it’s a predictable outcome? Why do we keep waiting for something or someone else out of us to change how we feel internally while we can experience change from within? So if we keep waiting for external things or needing a reason to change, we will experience more lack emotionally therefore, it takes a longer time to create what we want, what we desired.

This is basically a brief introduction and a quick one on living in the survival state and its effect on our body, brain and heart. So today I would love to introduce quantum physics, where we are a quantum being. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, if you learnt about atoms.

Why and how are we related to atoms ? What is our body made up of? Our body is made up of 12 body systems? What are the system made up of? Different organs, say heart for cardiovascular system, brain for nervous system. What are organs made of? Tissues. What are tissues made up of? Cells. What are cells made up of? Atoms. What are atoms made up of? Sub atomic particles. We’re going down. What are atomic particles made up of? Protons, neutrons, electrons. What are these ? They are made up of energy, so [from] atom when we reduce from the matter to the smallest smallest unit of measurement we get the atom.

Atom moves at a very high frequency with nucleus in the centre and the subatomic particles surrounding it. In the atom is 99.9999% of empty spaces, they’re basically energy. So we are more nothing than something. Because the matter only consists of 0.00001%. Something interesting.

Have you heard of this observer effect? It is an act of observation by an observer, which means the mind created potential energy into an electron (matter) so it’s whenever the observer is observing, the protons and electrons turn into a new possibilities, turn into something. But when observer is no longer observing the protons and electrons turn into something else, [new] possibilities so it’s a realm of infinite possibilities. Is what we called “the unknown”.

This is very interesting because only when we pay attention to a certain energy, when we think of a purple elephant or a pink orange, that’s where the imagination, that’s what we can “see” the atoms are created because of what we focus on. When we are not focus on it, it became .. it disperse into something else, so just a quick introduction about what atom really is. It’s pure 99.99999% energy. I found it very very amazing as I get to know that we are constantly focusing more on the 0.00001% of matter, because we don’t know what we don’t know.

And how 95% of our lives are automated because we are reliving the same thoughts, the same emotional response, the same state of being everyday. So for example we go to the thoughts, it is the language of brain, when the same no nerve cells in the brain fire together they wire together. So, this became our neurones, we are hardwired, because the brain is designed in a way that when neurones fire together it became a pattern, it became a habit within us so we constantly relieving the same patterns and same thoughts. This does not mean it’s good or bad, it’s just what it is.

At the same time, on our emotional level, our feelings is the language of our body. If we constantly feel this emotion of anger, guilt and shame which how our body is its used to it. It is memorised with the same chemicals created in a body. It is perceived [as] normal. The cells in our body become desensitise from feeling guilty and it needed stimuli to turn on each cells, so we constantly need stronger emotions to turn on guilt within us. And slowly it turned out that we are addicted to guilt.

Interestingly, the body when it experience this withdrawal syndrome, when one day we don’t feel guilty anymore, that alarm actually will goes off and the cells will send message to the brain and to say like “I don’t feel right”. So, it keep asking for a stimuli and to repeat this old ways of feeling. So this body memorizes the emotions, it anticipate the worst case scenario and the same kind of emotions daily. Its as though it is a programming for the body to experience future event based on the construct of the past. It turns into an auto pilot program, subconsciously we’re living that 95% of our life. Interesting.

When we are aware that we are so much more [than this], we are energy rather than matter, we can start to focus on putting where we want to pay attention on. Because energy flows where attention goes. A bit of the introduction [on] another point about quantum field is that [the] quantum field response to not what we want but who we are being. When we are in survival mode we’re constantly focus on the 0.0001% on the physical matter instead of the 99.9999% of reality.

When we are in survival mode, we constantly feel stress, contract disease in the body, the breakdown of the body, and we feel the emotions of anger, fear and sadness, constantly feel separated.

So the question is to look at how can we create? How can we shift into this mode of creation? What we want? How do we unlearn? In the mode of creation, it is where our body is in balance homeostasis, where we feel expanded, we feel ease [on] health, we allow the repairs [happen] in the body, and we will feel joy, love, trust. And we feel connected to all things in life. So, here are the the two points on how can we shift to creation mode. Once we are aware and once you make a decision, you choose to shift, this is what we can do.

This is inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Becoming Self”, this is what he is advocating and what he is sharing. So we can do that by, first, having a clear intention and second, feeling it with elevated emotions. I’m going to share more about it. Because our habit on the mind, [one of the] habits we have is negative thoughts. This negative thoughts will create and manifest dis-ease in our body, if thoughts can make us sick, can it makes us well?

Yes, because whenever we learn new information, the synaptic connections in the brain are created as if it is a raw material to break the patterns of the brain from firing in the same way. So, we’re installing new circuits in our brain as we learn new things, as we create new intentions, as we rehearsed. And for the emotions, when we turn on the parasympathetic response on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) of the body, we allow our body to rest and to repair. We started to focus more on feeling the emotions of heartfelt emotions by love, joy, trust and gratitude, appreciation. It’s a different perspectives instead of feeling anger, shame, guilt all the time, because when we were driven by the stress hormones on survival mode, and [compare to] when we focus on love, joy, trust and gratitude, the frequency of the emotions are different.

When we are feeling love, gratitude, these are of a higher frequency emotions. Start to ourselves – how would it be to live life in ease? What if I’m this person, this person that you have always desired ? [What is] your most desired life? How would you feel living your most desired life? And so as we align both of them- with setting clear intention and with producing heartfelt emotions.

When we align both of them this is where we create a coherent new state of being. We talk about intention from the mind right, in the thoughts, there is this practice called the mental rehearsal.

The question is – can you give thanks and feel the elevated emotions associate with a desired event before it occurs? Because often, we believe we need something we need a reason to be grateful for, but actually we can do it before even it occurs. This is what we can do, start to set a clear intention, say what you want to focus on at this moment of time. Either on financial or feeling love.

Imagine this amount of money that you would love to have, this is the intention, the feeling is to start to feel gratitude “I’m so thankful for this amount of money which it’s coming to me right now”, and feel as if you have the money already. So this is what we call the intention and the emotions. As we talk about intention and emotions right, you also want to start to unlearn and unmemorize all the past emotions and memories that we have in our body, [and] in the brain.

How can we recondition the body? How can we rewire the brain and to create a coherence heart? So we can only do that by calling back your energy in the present moment. We talked about the unknown which is the 99.9999% of energy [and] empty spaces, these are the unknown. In this present moment, it is the realm of infinite possibilities.

Let’s start to look at how we can recondition our body. From the brain and the mind, there are chemical messengers created [the chemicals], it will attach to the glands and to turn onto the hormones, so we will feel the way we think and we think the way we feel. Very often, the feelings become the means of thinking. What we can do is to start to think greater than how you feel. Set clear intentions and feelings at the same time. Feeling it for your body. As we do it gradually, it will start to create a new state of being.

How can we rewire the brain? Tomorrow on the next chapter, we will be sharing about brain waves and to understand more on our brain and [the] mind. To rewire our brain, we can slow down our brainwaves frequency. Because [when] we constantly live in the survival mode, we have an active mind. As we slow down the brain waves frequency, we enter into the quantum field, we are focusing on the vision on of the future.

Say we practice mental rehearsal. A lot of Olympics athletes actually practice mental rehearsal before the practices itself or before the race, before the sports begin, it’s a habit of theirs. We will talk about this more in the coming future.

How can we create a coherent heart? By synchronising the rhythm breathing, through it to create and generate magnetic field around the body, which we will also be touching into this part in the coming days, in the next chapter.

I will leave these 2 questions to you on this chapter to reflect and as a homework. Question one – what energy from the past experiences (of limited emotions) am I holding on to reinforce my past identity and emotionally attaches me to my current circumstances? What is holding you back? What are you holding on to your past identity and your emotions?

The second question is – could I use the same energy and transform it into an elevated state to create a new and different outcome?

This is just a tip of the iceberg to understand more about the survival and the creation mode. In the next chapter we will be exploring about our brain, our mind and our heart as well based on Dr Joe Dispenza’s work. So we will be focusing [in the coming] 9 minutes of silence, I will be playing music and today we want to focus on the reflective questions. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

[Guided slow down starts at 28:20 audio]



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