“Who are You?” The 3 Perspectives

Chap 3 – Day 3- Understanding 3 Perspectives of Who Are You?
Of the Remembering “Who am I” series

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Hello there, welcome to day 3 on “Remembering”. Now, this first 7 days we will be introducing “who am I” by taking baby steps to understand ourselves before we enter into the first chapter-the first topic on “Silence & Sound”. Today, on the third day, we will look at, briefly look at the topic on “who are you?”

On the last chapter we talk about quantum you, the quantum field and today we will also be sharing who are we in three different perspectives. The first perspective is the Quantum You; the second perspective is on vibrational energy being; and third prospective is the Earth human body.

Now let’s go to the first perspective about the Quantum You. Let’s understand deeper. On the 17th century, where the molecules and atoms were discovered, at that time we assumed that atoms consists of solid particles. In the early 20th century, where Quantum physics were discovered, were created, realise that there are no “particles” per se. Because they realised atoms is made off 99.9999% of empty spaces, not just between the atoms itself but the space in between the atoms. And, it’s the same as the outer space.

Because of that, energy is the basis of material reality and particles is conceived as a quantum vibrational field where electrons will by vibrate in its electron field, protons vibrate in its proton field. We talk about atoms, everything is made of atoms, how are we made of atoms? Atoms created molecules, molecules created cells, and cells created tissues, tissues created organs, organs created system, and systems created our complex being – the physical body. It’s very interesting, again, it proves that energy is so much more, we are so much more energy than matter.

There is a saying says that “if you remove all the empty spaces from the atoms of all the people, the entire human race could actually fit in the volume of a sugar cube.” Isn’t interesting?

So this leads to how we are as a vibrational energy being. As Einstein said, “everything in life is vibration.” Let’s look at the thousands name of life energy like for example – in Chinese we called it Chi (Qi); for Christians is the Light; and the Greek will call it pneuma; Latin is called Spiritus Vitalis; in Yoga we call it Prana; it is the mana of the Kahunas in Hawaii; in Ancient Egypt we call it the ka; in Reiki healing we call it the ki.

Well, we can’t say that they are all equal to each other, but they’re under the same category of energy. Some energy might be more subtle. We generate electromagnetic energy waves that created changes in our cells and so it affects our body functions. See, as you think you vibrate, as you vibrate you attract.

I’m going to give you a example here, let’s say our thoughts (linking back to the previous chapter sharing), our thoughts are energy, how so? When we have anxious thoughts, we will trigger stress hormones in our body, and our heart rate increases or decreases, so just by having this thought will affect the rhythm of the body. Now as we understand the importance of thoughts and feelings are energy, we’re able to use that as a tool, to use thoughts to alter our mood, to improve our health, and even to achieve our goals.

Feelings are energy, feelings have its own frequency, vibration in different frequency. When we vibrate higher, we would feel, joy, light and ease. When we vibrate lower, we feel heavy, dark and confused. And so when we want to alter our mood, to improve our health and to release all the dense energy within us, what we can do? Linking back to yesterday’s chapter, setting clear intention with elevated emotions. And that’s how we can change the state of our being. Just a quick understanding about us as a vibrational energy being.

Now we move on to the Earth-human body. Why is our body related to the Earth? I can share 6 different commonalities that we have with Earth. We talk about us being more energy than matter, we look at the difference sense, look at in terms of what we can see, what we can feel, and what we can touch in this physical world, here are the commonalities between us – the human body and the Earth.

The first commonality is that the planet is consist of 71% water, while our human body is consists of up to 60% water. In different organs like lungs or blood have different percentages of water, but this is the general percentage of water. Second, if you look at our planet, our map, there are thousands of rivers and streams on our. When we look at our body, what is similar to our body? Our blood vessels of our circulatory system which is moving blood around the body. So as the river, streams on our planet, they are moving the water around the planet. This is the second commonality.

On the third similarity we have is 97% of our atoms is in common with the rest of the Galaxy. About atoms again, it is the similar atoms we have. And oxygen holds more weight on both of us. And then on the 4th similarity we have diverse ecosystem within us, the Earth is a home to 8.7 million species; for human body we also hosts about 10000 species of organisms of viruses and bacteria within us. There are experts saying that “90% of the cells in the human body are not human.” Isn’t this interesting? It’s something that we’re not aware of.

Well, the 5th point is that both of us, human and earth, have connected system that supports life. When we looking at our human body system there are 12 human body system- circulatory system, muscles, integumentary, and all these created and integrated a complex system that supports our body. While on the Earth they have the same kind of systems as well, in terms of water, land, air, earth. All kinds of systems group together that supports life on Earth.

We want to talk about the the 6th point is where our human body have different energy points, we call it chakra. There are different vortexes in different parts of the body, from the top of the head to the root chakra. And so as our Earth, it has chakras and different energy portals and vortexes in different places of the Earth. We are going to talk more about the Earth’s Chakra in the coming future. Say for example, the throat chakra. Can you guess where is the Throat Chakra of Earth? It represents voice, expressions, where it’s a famous continent. It is in the United States so United States is the Throat Chakra Earth. Now, don’t be confused. Treat this as a storytelling, how true is it, how real and whether to believe or not, it is up to you. But, I am sharing this from one of the perspectives in life. There are tons of other perspectives. So, that is why US is so popular and it spreads all over the world because there is this vortexes in the land of United States. Isn’t interesting?

So, today we did a quick short introduction of “who are you” and tomorrow we will go deeper. Now, let’s get ready of our 9 minutes of silence, I’ll be playing music, get comfortable with yourself, sit comfortably in your space, gently stretch your body as you get ready to connect with ourselves through silence. Today’s reflection and focus is on ourselves, now let’s go deeper.

[Listen to the Guided silence starts at 15:27]



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