3 Simple Coherent Practices

Chap 4 – Day 4 – 3 Simple Coherent Practices

“Remembering” Series

[Transcript from the audio]

Hello hello, welcome to the day 4 of the introduction week of “Remembering” series. It started to rain at this moment of the time and I hope you’re doing well. Alright, so today we are going to do a simple version as well. I know every time I will say we will go deeper the next chapter, but it really depends. Not every time it’s gonna get deeper. But, the shorter the post is does not mean that it’s not deep. Today’s topic we are going to talk and share about 3 simple coherent practices to align the mind, body and emotion.

What are the 3 simple practices? Start with the first is – by eating. Remember this movie called “Eat, Pray, Love”? This 3 practices is “Eat, Breath and Laugh”. Almost the same, slightly different.

First is by eating. What do you feed your body? Because you are what you eat and what we eat affects how we feel. Relate to the energy and the atoms that we have talked about on the last chapter, how thoughts itself will influence our body and how the food will affect our emotions, because we are all energy.

Now, what you feed your body is not restrict to food only, but it’s what we are in contact with daily. What do our body need besides food? We need air, we need sunlight, we need new information and ideas.

So, how have you treated your body in the sense that have you allow your body to get enough sunlight throughout the day? Did you spend some time outdoors to to have some sunbath? How’s the air quality that your breathing right now? What are the informations and ideas you are feeding yourself daily? Are you constantly feeding through news? Are you constantly feeding through all kinds of information which might felt overwhelm? All these are through our five senses and our mind. What do you see? What do you smell? What you touch? What did you taste? And what do you hear? For five senses is the external senses. What about the internal? What about the thoughts we have internally?

We start to be aware of what are we feeding our body in terms of food, air, sunlight, information, ideas and internal voices as well.

Secondly, breathe. How can we use a breath to align the body, the mind, and the emotion. The reflective question is how are you breathing? Did you breathe shallowly? Are you aware of how you are breathing right now? Did you breathe deep into your belly or did you breathe until your lung?

There is a difference between that, when we are practicing conscious breathing, it’s slow and deep. As how I constantly invite you to breath in deep into your belly, we are increasing our oxygen level in our body and thus, when our cells receive more oxygen, it increases the vitality and also improves and increases our energy overall.

What we can do is practice conscious breathing with slow and deep breath, to relax the body. To energise and nourish cells. Whenever you are aware of your breathing always breath deep into your belly. So, that’s the second method – is the belly breathing. Now, let’s experience this, full breath in the belly, inhale full breath in the belly and hold and full breath out with the belly coming in. When you breathe in, your belly is coming out. You can put your hand on top of your belly to feel the sensation. So breathing in belly out, filling in the tank and when you exhale, breathing out the belly goes in back to your stomach.

The third kind of breathing I would love to share is – the heart-focused breathing. Imagined we are breathing into through the heart. We have done this in the past alignment as well, by breathing in through the heart space. Imagine you are just breathing from the heart and breathing out to the heart. We can put our hands on top of the heart to experience it. When you breathe in through the heart, your heart expanded and the chest move up. Breathing in and breathing out through the heart, and your heart relaxes. As we do this I will recommend to do this for at least 20 minutes, we called it heart-focused breathing and this will open up our heart with just a heart-focused breathing.

We have talked about how do we feed our body to be aware of what are we feeding to align with our mind, body, emotion. Then, second is the breath.

The third is laugh. Hahaha. Laugh it out. How do you see yourself? – a reflective question. How do you see yourself? Think about it. Are you a serious type of person? Do you laugh quite often? Do you laugh at all the things you’ve done? Did you laugh at yourself? Or did you laugh mostly at others, at people’s mistake? There is a saying: “this life is either a comedy or a drama” or both. So you can choose which version you want to experience in life.

Now we talk about vibration right, we are vibrational being, so to shift from low levels of emotions like shame, guilt, and frustration or whenever we make mistakes or we felt frustrated, try laughing at yourself, try teasing at yourself, so you are literally changing your vibration with laughter. It’s best to laugh at least half an hour per day. I know it is hard to count whenever you laugh, that’s just a benchmark because since young as a kid we laugh at everything, we laugh easily but as we grew up, most of us have lost reasons to smile and to laugh. Probably watching some comedies will help or even just looking at yourself and just start laughing.

You know laughing is really contagious, so as smiling. Keep laughing and smiling because it looks good on you. Now we can change vibration through different perspectives as well, because when you start to laugh and you’ll see “oh wow, haha, I did this mistake.” “I can’t believe I just did this. Oh my god.” Just laugh it out, at yourself.

Not to take things personally and not to be so serious on life, and just be grateful for whatever happened. Because mistakes make us grow right or crisis are opportunity. All conflicts are a process for us to get to know each other better.

How can we utilise laughter? By focusing on (its one of the things that we have learnt) which is to focus when you laugh, you can set clear intention on what you want because it is good energy. Clear intention on what you want and with elevated heartfelt emotions. After laughter, it makes us relaxes, so as you laugh right, you intake more oxygen in the brain and it makes you more relax. We can start, after laughter, after something happened which is undesired, a bit of laughter helps. And then just remind yourself like “hey now I want to change the state.”

While I acknowledge this feeling, not to run away from it. I am aware and honour this feelings but now I want to set the clear intention of what I really want and I start to feel that kind of emotions. Amazing.

So these are the 3 simple coherent practices to align our body, mind, and emotion. Easy. This is what we do daily. Remember, to be aware of what you eat, what you take in things everyday into the body – information, air, food and how you breath. Breath in deeper, consciously slower into our belly, and also experienced this heart-focused breathing. I personally love it, enjoy it. How do you see yourself- serious mode or laughing mode, comedy or drama? Just laugh it out whenever things happened. Sometimes, we might annoy people but it entertains yourself. It entertains me so I guess it’s fine. After a laughing it out, changing this vibration and set clear intention with elevated emotions that you really want, or the simple one is – just to be grateful with things that you know that is coming to you.

With that, we have concluded the 3 simple coherent practices for this chapter today. Now, I’ll be sharing some music to enter silence. For the first week, I thought I could do a simple guidance but in the next week, I would suggest, sometimes, a complete silence for us all to be in, to experience. Let’s do this…

[Listen to Guided slow down at 16:46]



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