What is truth?

Chap 5 – Day 5 – What Is The Truth?

of “Remembering” series

Hello hello, welcome to day 5-chapter 5 of the introduction week “Remembering” series. Alright. Today we will be looking at one question – “what is truth?”

This is such a huge question especially at this time where there are a lot of debate, views and opinions on the truth and the lies. This world s currently in polarised where we are experiencing an extreme hot discussion on what is right and what is wrong. We will talk about it in the next chapter, we can talk about duality, where the light and the darkness.

So just a quick story before we start. It’s a story called the elephant and 7 blind men. One day, 7 blindman get the opportunity to touch and feel the elephant. This is their first encounter. 7 of them touch different parts of the elephants – there is one touching the trunk; another touching the tail; another touching the ears; and the other touching the legs; and the other touching the skin. And all of them thought that “ah so this is how elephant feels like!” “It is something hard and rough”, for the one who touched the skin. And for the one with touch the tail “oh, it is something very soft, it is something very cute.” Actually, every one of them is right, because there are saying a part of the elephant which represents the elephant but not the absolute elephant. Each of them are feeling and touching a part of the truth, but not the absolute truth. This applies to the world, how we perceive and see things in terms of the religion, in terms of science, from physics, cultures, politics, it applies to all of these.

So now let’s understand what is truth. Say we understand about how atoms vibrate at different frequency. Atoms consists of protons, electrons and neutrons, so when you see a tree and you touch the tree but, you know what, we never actually touched the tree. Because it is the magnetic friction between electrons. The particles don’t touch each other, it  generate the appearance of contact but they are only energetic discharges. When we light a fire on the tree, every turns to ashes because it does not exist, so the tree is an idea. It is a concept. It is an echo of truth.

[I wanted to acknowledge and credit this “truth” sharing it’s from Matias de Stefano on yosoy.red, yeah, so this is a very interesting sharing by Matias.] 

Back to the truth, what is the echo of the truth? Everything exist from a fractal, from echo. Echo is a vibration arises from one’s own intention and perception. When more echoes are generated, there more perspectives of the same thing. See, all truths are our collective conventions that was build for billions of years based on the echoes, not the truth. The scientific studies and researches, the modalities are all based on doubt, questioning. That is the key to discover the truth, because truth itself is a paradox. The truth is how we relate to the point of view which one is looking at. For example, some insects and animals cannot see the colour red, the colour red is in certain frequency as human see, while there are some colour blind who can’t see red. And this became totally relate to the person, to the point of view of that being looking at it.

So everything else is just a projection. Projections say for example – education, politics, science. As all projections must find its balance. When we allow the education, politics and science to doubt, they will search, we will search for new truth and look for new capabilities. Well, we know that truth is nothing, but just an idea and projections and concepts from what we are viewing and what we have been perceiving.

Why do we keep seeking for truth? It is when because we wanted to know what you’re capable of and to discover our potentialities and to find a balance, where everyone can live their truths in harmony. Broaden your vision with more acceptance to all kinds of truth. And all kinds of truths are only the echoes of a single one. What is the single one? There is no truth. Truth is an idea, a perception, it’s moldable according to the evolution of the observes. Interesting.

Now, we go back to the current situation we have right now. How do we distinguish the truth and the lines? What are the lies? Lies are not the opposite of truth, it is the distortions of it which is vibrating low and in the dissonant way. When we seek our dissonance, you’re able to speak out your truth. The definition and the perceptions of lies is not it’s not what you think of it. Why these lies and truth are created? And why is there a gap in between it?

It was because we have this issue with illiteracy. Because for years we have been living in the same way and with the recent changes and updates since 300 years and until the recent 40 years since the creation of internet, the changes were so fast pace that we did not for process the information and it just goes through with emotions, not in the state of intellect.

What can we do about it? Understand that lies is a basis of reality while the truth is something we can build, something from my point of view and assess the potential. See, the lies and the truth can be applying to the scenario like a monkey is holding the knife, with the same knife this monkey is holding on its hand, can kill us or the same knife it is use to perform a surgery operation to save our life. The lies and truth depends on the use and how to give it. When a coherent, free and educated mind learns to lie in the right way through arts, romance, and poetry, one is connecting all things together.

Recognise and reflect on this – what are your biggest lies in life, that you decided to hide it secretly? The second question is – write your own truth, what are your believes that you choose to express and communicate? 

What we can do? First, the power of education, start to teach what humans are capable of doing with their infinite potentials instead of focusing on sharing what is wrong with others. Teach them the possibilities and you don’t ask the elderly which are from the truth of the past experience. The echoes of the truth which are the past construct. So instead of asking the elderlies for the past truths, we asked the children on one’s imagination, which relate to the future infinite possibilities.

Lies as the basis of reality and build the truth as the potential of our imagination. And as we intertwining them, reunite them as one to become our creative power, where you design new realities. Yay, the next thing that we can do is – to be sincere and to resonate with our own truths. Accept the truth that is what you have created. Recognise that you created them with your own vibration because you are what you vibrate, you are what you say, what you express. What you say about yourself, you make it a reality and when you keep something silent, you also make it a reality. And that’s internal.

When you seek the dissonance, just start being aware of the lies and also be aware of your own truth. Face your own beliefs and how can we unite them by projecting your life to build the truth and turn it into a creative power to create what we want. I hope this serves you well in understanding what is truth. It’s very mind-blowing for me knowing that everything, even this sharing, it’s just from one perspectives of the things, it does not represent anything at all. It’s just an idea, just a concept, which can be helpful.

Yeah, we have to power to choose the truth, how we want to project, how we want to see, and whether we want to expand. I’ll be you whether we want to accept all kinds of truth as one. I look forward to share more about duality tomorrow, it’s going to be a deep topic as well.

And so now, we will focus on diving into the silence. Get comfortable with a bit of stretching before we start and I will be setting the timer for 9 minutes. Deep breath into the belly, filling up the tank. Reflect on what are your biggest lies in my life? Tune in, ask yourself, reflect on this question- what do you I want to hide away as a secret? Keep breathing into your belly…

[ Listen to Guided slow down audio start here: 20:04]



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