Duality: Light & Darkness

Chap 6- Day 6 on Light & Darkness

of Remembering “Who are you” Series

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to day 6th of the 1st week introduction of Remembering series. I hope you’re well today. Let’s start. On the last chapter, we talked about what is truth. And it’s about perspectives. Different perspectives, different point of view in life. Today we will look at the duality, understanding light and darkness.

Let’s review on the world today. Life, seems these days that the distortion and the separation we have in the world is constantly a struggle between light and dark; love and hate; good and bad. Seems that we are constantly in the separation, both trying to protect self at the same time trying to destroy each other. Isn’t this interesting? We relate to the last chapter on perspectives. Each have their own truths.

Let’s start with why is there a separation, that we human perceived either consciously or subconsciously?

It is because of the sun, you have 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of night time on average. During the day the sun light is available. Since the beginning of human history, the sun brings meaning of security. It is when we find food, it is when we are able to see, visibility, it is when we are awake, it is when we can protect ourselves from the predators, so it gives security. Thus, we have given a lot of importance of light. And for night-time, it is perceived as danger. Because you can’t see, it’s defenceless and because animals will attack at that time. It also means sleeping, the time to sleep, where we protect ourselves in the safe place. And, it is an energy saving time. So subconsciously we have created evil from darkness, from human’s mentality, culturally turn light as good and darkness as bad because from the food and safety in our ancestral nature. Which is useful for survival. To understand that actually we would label and categorise light as Angels, darkness as demons.

A very interesting perspective that shared from Matias from yosoy.red, that both entities – angels and demons and all living beings, seek to use energy for our own benefit. What is light? To understand what is light, we are talking about concept here. Light uses darkness to expand its territory. Before light, let’s understand what is darkness. Where we can’t see, where we perceive a lot of danger and where the Demons are. They are entities in darkness but darkness are actually the architects, the builders, the one who designed the reality of life, who distort light. But they create realities.

A good example, bees. How bees take the pollen and nectar from flowers and to create honeycombs and honey. So darkness are like bees, like insects, like bacteria, viruses. We can’t kill the bees because they will sting us. Light is like plants, flowers, the direct product of light that unconditionally deliver food to us. Like plants. How plants use insects to pollinate. Understand that without each other, the world wouldn’t exist. If without the bees, there’s no balance. So, light and darkness are constantly co-existing in symbiosis.

Darkness is the mechanism of the development and evolution. Life doesn’t exist without darkness. What we can do is to learn to live with it. To plant more plants. To give them the nectar for them to make honey and to make offerings to them. I love this example, where in Bali give offerings to demons and darkness, to honour their work, so that they feel loved. Beautiful isn’t it? Every parties, every entities has its own work to do, so are us. Understand that darkness is a mechanism for the development of light. Darkness is simply the absence of light, the distortion of light. Like how we understand the mechanism, how we cut down a tree to make a table, how we kill animals to eat. It is creating its own life.

Let’s talk about when we do not own our darkness, when we deny our darkness, what is created? The shadow side of us. It is where we hide all the stuff from the light, do not wish people to see, created a garbage dump. Because when we hate darkness, we look at other people and sort of like label this dark entities as something that are our enemy, that is when we don’t know how to handle our own garbage.

Because we have both light and darkness within us, as long as you are alive, as long you are human. Check, self-reflection, are you denying your own darkness? Start to recognise that they are actually, the shadow side of us, what we have been denying and hiding. It’s just a children, a child version of us with fear, who just need a hug from us, who has not received love yet. All anger is a repressed child with lack of caress and listeners. When you recognise that shadow-darkness they are all light, everything is just one. Start to accept our shadows, to recognise that they arise from light as part of the natural system of evolution, so we can recycle it for personal evolution. Its interesting also to see, what if humans are demons to the beings that we called demons? We talked about different perspectives and different viewpoints. What if we humans are demons to them?

We look at the relationship of light and darkness the relationships of bees and flowers, we need each other. And we look into your own darkness, you see through the eyes of the serpent, knowing that the serpent has pierce through the devil with security, as you look at the eyes, you will see the light behind. Because good and evil are interconnected. Actually, good and evil are only perspectives. ‘Good’ give us the messages that it is important for us to come together, to improve ourselves. ‘Evil’ reminds us that we don’t only do things in one way, so it reminds us to constantly change our values. With this unity of this powerful duality, you’re able to be flexible, to balance this transformation with both of them united.

What we can do is- to start to find answers from ourselves. How can you balance good and evil; light and darkness? I wish to share more about the shadow side and polarity. To understand that duality is the distortion of polarity. Love has no opposite, it only has allies. A reminder, again, that there is no evil, because evil is born from the denial of the good. As we enter consciousness, we learned this game, the design from the creation of the negative and positive. One line with two extremes at the end. So, it is the same line. It’s from one same line, it’s not divided. It can’t exist without the other. They are in perfect balance.

It really depends how and where do you see it see. If you are at the bottom of the valley, and you got trapped, you can only see the hills to climb, that is where you see there are only obstacles ahead. If you climb on top of the mountains, on the hills, you can see all the landscapes, the sun, the horizon clearly. You can go down back and treat this as an exercise, as a game. Let’s recognise both of them.

When we know that I am light, I am darkness, in balance. I can use both of them to create life. It’s a good appetiser to start the course for Remembering “Who am I” series. This is a very important perspectives. Important perspectives to look at. To own both sides of us. Personally, I feel, we are not here to choose sides between light and darkness. Because we are both. When we are at one extreme or at the end of the line, you can only see one part of the life. What about the other side of the life. Quite a lot of us are constantly living in love and light, what about the other side? What about darkness? What have you been denying? So, that’s for today.

An awareness and reflection on “are you denying your darkness?” and “do you allow yourself to shine?”. To embrace your sun side. How can you find a balance between the two? Appreciating both of them.

Let’s slow down for 9 minutes.

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