Power & Choice

Chap 7 – Day 7 – Reclaim Your Power & You Have A Choice

of Remembering “Who am I” Series

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Hello dear beautiful. Today is the 7th Day and the last day of the introduction week for the Remembering series. I thought of what would be the best and most suitable subject topic to share on the last day of the introduction week. 

And this would be – Power and Choice. 

I realised and observed a lot of us, even myself, are giving away our power because we do not know that we own a power within us, what are called the inner power. 

When we are not aware about our inner power, a lot of times we will find ourselves feeling very powerless. Because all we can is to be dependent on others to take care of us like the government, the political parties, our companies, our elderly. All this powerlessness were felt because we give our power away. 

Let’s look at what is power. Power is the ability to do something, what we are capable of, from our inner potential. Power is the time where I say “I can”. That’s the inner power, and in terms of the society perceptions of power, it can also be interpreted as being above others, having power over as others, and to use people as tools for our own benefits. Now these two are the same, the inner and the power over others, they are the two sides of the same coin. Because it brings us to where we are today, it’s our structure of humanity.

When we realise that we don’t want to be a tool anymore, we become the makers, we become the builders. That is when we awaken our ability to collaborate with the other to balance our energy. It’s called empowerment.

These days, because we are unable to awaken our own power and it is our nature to follow someone whom we perceived as a leader. We are being irresponsible. When did you lose your power? It is when we trust people without questioning and experiencing it; it is when we blame others on influencing our performance and emotions; it is when we stay silence not speaking up when it’s needed; it is when we give up choices to make decision for ourselves; it is also when we are waiting for others to save us or waiting for change to happened by itself without taking action. Because we don’t believe we have that power to change things. That is quite sad. 

When you realised that you are a seed with infinite potentials within, everyone is a seed with infinite potential to become a tree. As you grow, you produce fruits and it’s fruits fall to the ground and, becoming seed to create more seeds. When you recognise that you are a powerful being from within, with all kinds of gifts and different talents, you start to be an empowered being. Start reflecting internal balance to the external world. Start educating humans to awaken our own inner power and start guiding others to find our own tools. Then, we all can together transcend the humanity to reach the civilised to evolve together, collectively. Just by realising that you are a seed with infinite potential.

This is for you to discover, reflect on where have you lost your power? Who did you give your power away ? And how do you reclaim your own power? 

Let’s talk about choice. What is a choice? Choice is the option to choose between two or more possibilities. Let’s do a self reflection, what have you been choosing over the past 24 hours? Where have you been spending most of your time on? Most of your energy on? Who are you spending your time with ? What were you doing, all your choices up this past 24 hours, With that choices, how did you feel, how did it made you feel. Do you feel empowered, do you feel energized? If you don’t like it, if it drains you, what can you do about it ? If you feel empowered and you feel energized, amazing, let’s do more about it. How can we do better? All this bring you to where you desired to be?

I’ll share you a story of the angry man and Buddha. I love the story, every time it reminded me on what is my choice, my ability to choose. 

So, one day, an angry man came to Buddha during his teaching when he was teaching his disciples. This angry man just came to Buddha and express his anger to Buddha #&@*&1 putting a lot of accusations and blaming on Buddha. Buddha replied, “tell me, when you buy a gift for someone and that person did not take it, to whom does the gift belong to?” The angry man answered, “it would belong to me because I bought the gift.” “That’s correct. So as you’re angry at me, expressing and throwing this “gift” of yours to me, but I do not feel insulted, I do not accept ‘this’. Then this anger falls back on you, you are the one who is unhappy which you are hurting yourself,” Buddha said.

This angry man felt embarrassed, but yeah, I believed it’s a very eye-opening and heart piercings slap on the face realisation. He became a disciple of Buddha. What is the story behind it, what is the lessons of the story? 

It is to recognise that when someone or some situations happened, that is unpleasant to us, we have the ability to choose to receive or not. “This gift of yours, I will not receive.” When someone throw tantrums on you, you can choose not to receive. When someone insulted you, you can choose not to receive the insult. You are the one with the choice to allow them to enter your space. Also, recognise that person who is expressing anger is actually in pain. When we recognise and be responsible on our own thoughts, actions, and emotions. And, allow others to be responsible on their own thoughts, actions, and emotions. We choose. We have a choice. When we are being influenced by others, that is when we allow others to influence us. That is where we reflect on ourselves, but not others. Because we can only control ourself, our emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

Now it’s time to speak up. On the other hand, when you have something that is deep within your heart, that you have not express. It is time for you to express, by not hurting others and yourself. When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure that you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself. 

Allow yourself to show up right now. Allow yourself to shine, share all your gifts to the world. Start leading the change by showing how, by being an example. Leading by example. So now, we’re given two pills- the blue pill and the red pill, what will you choose? When you choose the blue pill, that is the end of the story, waking up in your bed and believing what you want to believe, just continue the same life that you wish for. When you choose the red pill, you will enter into a Wonderland and enter into the rabbit holes to discover wonders in life. It may be disappointing, it may be surprising, it may be good or bad, it is just different from what we have now. Tell me, which one would you choose? 

So that’s for today. I am very very very glad and grateful for your presence here today. It is the end of the introduction week. In the coming week, we will be sharing on “Silence and Sound”. It is supposed to be. Alright, so let’s get yourself comfortable to slow down for the coming 9 minutes. 

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[Summary of the post for today]

What is “Power”?

There are 2 ways of interpretation. One is the ability to to do something, with what we are capable of from our inner potential. The moments of “I Can”.

The other way is from the society’s perception of “being above others”. Having the power over others, using others as tools for own benefits. These 2 are the same, two sides of the same coin which bring us to where we are today.

When one ‘tool’ stop being a tool, one become makers and builders in life. That ‘s when we awaken our ability to collaborate with the balance of other. What we called the Empowerment.

Nowadays, collectively, we are in a state of inability to awaken own power, which it is our nature to follow someone whom we perceived as a leader. Somewhat, being irresponsible of our own power and give the power away for someone to take care of us.

When did you lose your power?

  • When we trust people without questioning and experiencing it ourselves;
  • when we blame others on influencing our thoughts, emotions and performance;
  • when we stay silence, not speaking up when its needed;
  • when we give up choices to make decisions for ourselves;
  • when we wait for others to save us or waiting change to happen itself without action.

It is time to reclaim our power from within. By first realising how powerful you are from within.

Recognise that you are a seed.

A seed with infinite potentials.

As your nurture yourself with nutrients from the soil, you are becoming a tree.

And from a tree, you are producing fruits, to create more seeds.

After recognising the inner potential of yours, own your power to be an empowered being where one reflects the internal balance in external world. And start educating humans to awaken their inner power, guide others to find their own tools. Then, together, we help transcend humanity to reach the civilised to evolve.

What is a Choice?

It is the option to choose between two or more possibilities.

Once an angry man came to Buddha during Buddha’s teaching, he expresses his anger towards Buddha. Buddha said to him, “Tell me, you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, to whom does the gift belong?”

“It would belong to me, because I bought the gift”, the man said.

“That’s correct. So as your anger. You are angry at me (your gift) and I do not feel insulted (I do not accept). Then the anger (gift) falls back to you. You are the one who is unhappy, you are hurting yourself.”

What does this story tells us?

When one give us something undesired, we have a choice to take it in or not. Simply by saying “this gift of yours I do not receive”. As you decide who to enter your space. You are responsible on your own thoughts, actions and emotions. No one can influence you unless you allow yourself to be influenced.

Speak up. When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.

Show up. Allow yourself to shine by being who you are, by sharing your gifts.

Simply lead the change by showing how.

Remember, you have a choice.

Self-reflection questions:

Q1: Where have you lost or give your power away?

Q2: Reflect on the past 24 hours, what have you done? How much time did you spend to get you to where you desired to be?

Q3: What can you do better?

Here you are given two choices- the blue pill or the red pill.

If you choose the blue pill, this will be the end of the story. The next time you are awake on your bed, you wake up believing what you want to believe. If you choose the red pill, you will be in wonderland and get ready to enter the rabbit hole where you discover the wonders of life.

Now tell me, which one do you choose?

Let’s get ready to enter into a new chapter of life.

Thank you for being here.



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