Why is Silence & Sound important?

Day 1 of “Silence & Sound” Chapter

of Remembering “Who Am I” Series

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Hello there welcome to day one of the first chapter – Silence and Sound. Today we will be going to understand what are the importance of and why is it important for us to dive deeper into Silence and Sound?

Alright, let’s get into silence. Before even explaining and sharing the perspectives of silence, the definition, it is very much important to understand the why first. Why are we doing this? Why would you want to commit to spend time on this? Today we going to talk about the big Why. Let’s understand from the perspective of Silence, short description of silence there are a few. In general, it means no sound, no distraction, I am free, away from the noises. That’s general.

There is also another perspective to look at, internally, where we are not disturbed by the external noises and the internal mental noises. So, why is it important for us to dive into silence at this moment of the time?

First, is because by being in silence, allow us to self reflect. Now we are talking about being in silence and also in the context of being in solitude for most of time. When we give ourselves time to be alone and to be away, to minimise our distractions, we allow ourselves to reflect, to review, and to reconnect with ourselves. When we are away from distractions, we review what works and what doesn’t. When we allow ourselves to be in silence, we connect to our higher selfs, and to refocus on our main goals in life- passion, dreams. and vision, however you want to put it. Anything that is important to you. You get to review what works and what doesn’t work. This is the time for us to either journaling, recording or sharing but this is our time for us to be very crystal clear on what works and what doesn’t work, on what we want to focus, on how to move forward.

Secondly, silence allow us to restore, slow down so that we can heal our body. When we enter silence, we allow the mind to slow down. We allow the body to rest by relaxing the nervous system. We allow ourselves to pause, allow the body to restore itself.

The third part on why is it important to enter silence? Because it enhances relationships- be it your own relationships, with your loved ones ,family, friends, colleagues, clients, Earth, Nature. Why so?

It is because when we fill our own cup, this enable us to share more with others with the overflowing of water, instead of giving our own cup of water by draining ourselves and that is not sustainable. As we gain clarity on our own needs, and desires and our offerings, we can, we are, we will share our goodness to others. That’s more sustainable in long-term.

What about sound? Why is sound important to us? Why do we need to get to know more about sound? What is sound? As you are hearing my voice. There are other kind of noises and sound in your environment right now, why do you think sounds is important?

First, sound is used for communication, to give and receive, to convey message, for survival. Where we can protect from the danger, we can intimidate enemies, in terms of survival, where the bats and dolphins can find great distance with their sonic pulse. As well as for our own well-being, by sharing our needs and by knowing others’ needs. Sound can evoke emotional responses. As we dive deeper into what’s beyond survival.

The second reason for why sound is important is because it is a tool for healing since ancient times. “To heal is to make a sound.” Sound is a form of energy, is a form of vibration. Remember where we are made of atoms, where atoms are of 99.99999% of energy, so sound can influence our cells, our molecules, our atoms, our organs. Each organs of our body vibrates in a certain frequency. With sound, it can heal and enhance our cells growth and repair of cells. It can balance and clear the mind by synchronising the brain waves, restoring normal vibrational frequency in cells. It activates and de-stress responses in the body promoting relaxation.

Sound can use to clear energetic blocks within us, in our physical body, emotional body and energetic body. With clear intention, setting clear intention and to feel elevated emotions, you get to shift into a new state of being. Just by sound. Because you are vibrational being. For the body, our body consists of 75% of water and it makes us a good conductor for sound vibration. So sound can promote circulation within our body, and allow energy to flow within us. So that’s for sound.

Why do we want to get deeper into silence and sound? When we understand and when we started to expand our horizon, on the perspectives of looking at sound and silence, we are able to shift our mindset, we are able to open to welcome new experiences to come into our life. We allow ourselves to heal, we allow ourselves to restore. And then, we start to move forward again. Because we are all humans. Stages of life is not just about hustling, bustling, busy. But knowing when to take a pause, when to take rest, and heal throughout the day and to start again with the engine. That’s the cycle of our daily life, isn’t it?

In this coming chapters, we will be going through understanding silence and sound, why, how, what, different aspects looking at sound and silence.

Its a simple introduction for today. Let’s take a deep breath and exhale. Let’s slow down and enter silence. Today, I invite you to experience silence fully in 9 minutes. There will be no guidance. Just you and yourself at this point of time, here and now.

Get comfortable, slowly get ready to enter silence. If you need guidance or you are a first timer to experience silence, I would recommend you to focus on one thing, which is your breathing throughout this 9 minutes. if you have been practicing meditation, welcome to meditate. As come together to enter our inner sanctuary. Let’s begin.

[Listen to silence at 17:27]



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