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Coming to the close “Sound” related topic as we have explored sound in different manner in 6 previous posts. Today, let’s enter into the perspectives of science on sound.

Sound & Science

See the beauty of sound through the eyes of science with some remarkable people and their discoveries.. PS: Feel free to seek for more information and its credibility yourself too, my intention is to broaden our view on sound with science.

Sound can levitate?
Introducing John Keeley, he is known as the Nikola Tesla of sound. Keely was a musician and carpenter who use sound and other vibrations to set machine into motion. Inspired when he was playing violin and then he thought of the harmonic vibrations of atoms could be used to create energy. His knowledge is known as the science of sympathetic vibrations. Like striking one tuning forks and the other would vibrate at the same pitch.

Keely said he tapped energy from different levels on molecules, atoms, or ether. He discovered how to bring 2 vibrations together so they formed a third, different vibration. His work pioneered in acoustic levitation where he used sound waves to lift objects, that effect has been verified by NASA and other scientists. It is said that Keely also crushed big rocks with sound.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Sound creates energy?
Nikola Tesla is famous for his work on electricity and free energy. He was working on steam-powered oscillations to be used as energy transfer where it is able to create various frequencies, if the frequency matched the resonance frequency, a receiving device should transform the mechanical oscillations back to an electric current. He wanted to experiment in his lab in New York city, but his neighbours alarmed the police and umbrella fearing an earthquake is happening.

Sound boils water?
At around 270 dB (decibels), these waves louder than a rocket launch (at 205 dB) are produced to boil liquid, shared from Claudiu Stan, a physicist at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and one of the study co-authors. He stated,nce the water boils, the sound has no medium to pass through.

Sound form light?
The phenomena is called “sonoluminescence” where a loud sound generates an emission of light. It is how pistol and mantis shrimp uses a sonic shock to catch its prey, where it squeezes out jets of water from its claws that travel at a high speed causes the water ‘cavitates’ inwards. The liquid water under negative pressure is pulled apart into bubbles of water vapour, when the bubbles collapse on themselves, they give a loud ‘snap’ and a small flash of light. The light flashes produced only lasting about 100 picoseconds (0.0000000001 second) and 10 times hotter (50,000 Kelvin) than the surface of the sun.
Watch here: Explained on Youtube

Sound changes DNA?
Studies show that specific frequencies within human voice and our harmonics can reform destabilizes water molecules back to structural integrity and can significantly improve the performance of DNA. Russian scientists demonstrated that it is possible to make changes in the DNA of a living being through words and sound frequencies. And human voice is an epigenetic tool in healing autism, read more.

“Most astounding of all, the team discovered that living human DNA can be changed and rearranged with spoken words and phrases. The key to changing DNA with words and phrases is in using the right frequency.”

Sound waves like an acoustic wave sensor is used to detect damage to DNA.

Sound kills bacteria?
Sonication is an alternative technology using ultrasound waves of frequency 20,000 Hz or above to kill bacteria in food. Such high frequency shakes apart bacterial cells like how high pitch sound shatter the glass.

Sound work help with behavioural problems?
Bill Harris created Holosync product suggests so where he stated, “Different brain-wave patterns affect emotions.” “You’re practicing going into a brain-wave pattern. It causes the brain to organize at a more complex level. It takes what you can handle emotionally and intellectually and pushes it higher,” says Harris. “I’m not claiming this cures cancer. But it does have a profound effect on people’s physical health. A lot of people come to us for chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, things that are exacerbated by stress.”

With different frequencies targeting various densities of the body, Jeffrey Thompson, founder of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, uses a vibroacouostic sound therapy table. It is a vibrational massage using frequencies and as it is slowing down to 400 Hz, it is vibrating our muscles, to joints, to bones and down to cells. Thompson says, “Frequencies are induced to elevate the cells to a super healing state to rebuild more tissue.”

Sound increases immunity?
Research shows that listening or playing music increate the production of antibody and natural killer cells that attach invading viruses, thus boosting the immune system. It reduces levels of stress hormone cortisol, while with noise pollution increases stress hormones in the body. When we are stressed, stress hormones suppress many functions of our immune system.

Sound shift our brain waves?
In everyday conscience the brain is in beta waves; during the meditative calming state is known as the alpha state; theta waves is when we experience deep relaxed, autopilot sluggish state; where delta waves are found in deep sleep. Research shows that when singing bowls are played, these waves patterns were the same as the alpha waves produced by our brain, which is a state of relaxation. The gong is said to have the most powerful energy.

Sound help with insomnia?
Science supports how lullabies and gentle rhythms help babies and children to fall asleep. It is said that listening to soothing music before bed report to have better sleep quality which decrease the time to fall sleep. Our brain interprets these sounds that trigger and promote sleep where some studies suggest on its effects on the regulation of stress hormones cortisol where music decreases levels of cortisol. Plus, it contributes to sooth the autonomic nervous system which lead to slower breathing, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Studies also show that people struggling to sleep suggested that white noise may be effective for self-managing insomnia. White noise is the combination of all noise frequencies that can mask other sounds.

Even listening to natural sounds can help. Nature sounds of the wind, water, fire and earth which is very calming and relaxing to listen too, especially sound of rain which is conducive for sleeping. Sound of the forests and the sound of waves are well received too.

Feel free to experiment until you find what serves you better, it is suggested to listen to slower music from 60 to 80 BPM.

Some people say, “I played rock music to my plants and they all died, but I played Mozart and they thrived!” Remember, the rock music and the Mozart was YOUR choice – it was what you liked and didn’t like, and this in turn influenced the expression of the plants. If your interest is Led Zeppelin, you’ll be happy when you play it and your field will be stronger, resulting in healthier plants. If you hate Led Zeppelin, you’re obviously not supporting the field and the plants will reflect that.

Bruce Lipton

Keen to travel the world with sound?
Sharing the sound of the world playlist:

May you be in coherent with your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Recognized that we are all vibrational beings, so as all living and non-living beings. Remember how our internal thoughts and emotions affect our state of being and how external vibrations (sound & noise) can influence our state of being. We have a choice in constantly retuning ourselves into coherence and in harmony, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Happy Equinox!



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