Why Meditation is Challenging? (Brain Waves)

Day 2 on “Why Meditation is Challenging? (Brain Waves)” of “Meditation Chapter”

From Remembering Series

{Listen to the audio here with guided alignment at the end}

Why meditation can appear to be difficult and challenging to some?

  • Maybe it is due to the non-stop radio within us which create noise;
  • maybe it is due to our inability to do nothing as we might get bored easily;
  • maybe it is the uncomfortable feeling that arises with anxiety and panic towards the unknown;
  • maybe it is due to busy-ness-no-time to meditate; maybe there are too many distractions;
  • maybe there’s no point to meditate or it is against my religion or simply don’t-know-how..

It can be many reasons of the above. Read more on Fear & Blocks of Silence.

I believed, if we are serious about change, we have the will to find out how. This lead me to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, where I started to understand more about ‘who am I’ from the quantum perspectives and start shifting my state of being.

Here, I wish to share some light on Dr. Joe’s work to break the habit of our old self and to shift to a new state of being.

[Except from “Breaking the habit from being yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza]

The first few chapters of the book explained about quantum you, how the mind & brain and the body is conditioned in stress and each functions on neuroscience. On the second part, it is about shifting from thinking to being. This post focuses more on the second part.

Notes worth remembering before going further:

  • “We feel what we think, we think what we feel”
  • 95% of life is automatic
  • Survival mode is where we relived in the past emotions & thoughts with stress response
  • We tend to focus on the 0.00001% of matter (outer world) than the 99.99999% of empty spaces (inner world) in life
  • The quantum you – atoms are made of 99.99999% of empty space & 0.00001% of matter – we are made of atoms
  • “If a thought can make us sick, can it make us well?”
  • We create our own reality

Read more on the first part of the book here: Survival mode & Creation mode

Chapter 8: “Meditation, Demistifying the Mystical, and Waves of Your Future” of the book explained..

The word ‘Meditation’ in Tibetan language is

‘becoming familiar with self’ or ‘cultivating self’ as one decided to stop being the old you.

Meditation removed the veils (layers).

Dr. Joe shared the Biological Model of Change:

  • From the Familiar Past requires: unlearning, breaking habit of being yourself, un-firing & unwiring the mind, and un-memorizing an emotion in the body.
  • To A New Future requires: relearning, reinventing yourself, firing & wiring the mind, and reconditioning the body to a new mind and emotion.

For change to happen required unlearning first.

And awareness.

Reflection questions:

What energy from past experiences (in the form of limited emotions) am I holding on to, that reinforces my past identity and emotionally attaches me to my current circumstances?

Could I use the same energy and transform it into an elevated state from which to create new and different outcome?

Understanding 5 Levels of brainwaves frequencies:

Meditation is becoming a child again, moving from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta. Just like how a child’s brainwave is, growing from Delta to Theta to Alpha to Beta.

  • Beta: Everyday waking state, alert, normal
  • Alpha: Relax light meditative state, creative imaginative, learning state, when we close our eyes (as 80% of our sensory is from our eyes)
  • Theta: Half awake half asleep, where the mind is awake, body is asleep
  • Delta: Low Levels of activity in deep sleep, body is restoring
  • Gamma: Fastest brain wave, super focused with peak performance, highest consciousness

Understanding Beta Waves: Which state are you in?

  • High range: In stressful situation, too much focused concentration, a short term survival mechanism to send brain to disorder and body out of balance, lead to dis-ease, hard to focus on inner self and hard to to relax
  • Midrange: Focus on analytical thinking which do not enter the subconscious mind (analysis is not awareness)
  • Low range: In a more relax state, for example reading

How to differentiate analysis and awareness?

When we ask questions = analysis (of the old self); when we observe we are angry = awareness

What are the effects of staying in high range Beta wave (active mind)?

  • If we are constantly in a high range of Beta wave, most of our attention and energy are spent on the outer-world, leaving no energy left to the inner world of thoughts and feelings.
  • When our brain perceived a threat, the body activated sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight mode) which releases stress hormones, and when it is prolong, the body is in a state of imbalance with maladaptive cells leading to chronic diseases.
  • The brain is incoherent as well as the heart. As we relive the same emotions of the past with the same thoughts, the body is conditioned by similar emotions, creating the same reality, which doesn’t feel good, and we are conditioned with the chemicals.
  • Created a gap between where we are now (state of being) and where we desired to be (state of being), this gap is called the emotional addictions.
  • We would crave for familiar emotions, thus repeating the same pattern.
  • At the same time, we are less likely to open to newness as we identify ourselves with the outer environment.

Thus, it is important for us to confront ourselves to break free.

Returning to the present moment is when we call our energy to here and now. By slowing down our brainwaves to slower frequency, then synchronise and unifying energy.

Redefining Meditation

Meditation is described in the book – to shift from thinking to being, where one change state of being without physical action.

Start by Telling the Truth

To come clean with what is weighing you which does not serves you. Look objectively without emotion charge.

Next, unlearning and un-memorizing emotions as well as un-firing and unwiring the mind by shifting into a new state of being.

Then, set clear intention, transform into elevated state by feeling your ideal self. Fire and wire new pathways in the mind, leading to recondition the body.

How reconditioning works?

Dr. Joe explained:

  • With the new state of elevated emotions changes the expressions of genes to produce new chemical that signal our DNA.
  • The genes make different proteins which are the new building blocks of the body.
  • With altered genes of new information create more new proteins for growth, repair and healing for the body, mind and heart.

Ask yourself,

What is a greater expression of myself that I would like to be?



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