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Day 4 on ‘Pineal Gland’ of “Meditation” Chapter

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We perceived reality from our past experiences, thus our brain is wired based on how we perceive things, not how the reality as it is. From the last post, we shared how the 3 brains are wired to become our habit.

This chapter we are going deeper on what I have learned relating the pineal gland. With the intention to broaden our perspective, let’s find out how a small pea sized organ (the pineal gland) acts as a software update, which can alter our inner experience in this three-dimensional world of matter.

[Except from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book: “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon”- Chapter 12: The Pineal Gland]

Dr. Joe shared four states of consciousness:

  • the first is wakefulness – when we are aware and conscious;
  • the second is sleep – when we are unconscious and the body is restoring;
  • the third is dreaming – an altered state when the body is catatonic and our minds are engaged in inner visual imaginary and symbol;
  • the fourth is transcendental – moments of consciousness which are beyond our understanding of reality.

To understand about the biology, chemistry and neuroscience of transcendental experiences, let’s start from..

A Brief Introduction of Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a pea-sized and pinecone-shaped organ residing in the center of the brain, between the right and left hemispheres. It regulates growth, metabolism, and melatonin.

Extra note: Research shows that up to 40% of people around the world have pineal gland cysts. Read more.

PS: Search to find out how to decalcify the pineal gland.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin – The dreaming neurotransmitter

When we wake up, perceive the first light from the eyes, signal part of our brain called suprachiasmatic nucleus and it sends a signal to the pineal gland which responds by making serotonin- the daytime neurotransmitter.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transmit and communicate information between nerve cells. Serotonin tells our body it’s time to wake up and start the day. Serotonin stimulates the brain waves from delta to theta to alpha to beta, making us feel to have a physical body in space and time. Our brain is firing in beta brain waves when we put most of our attention on the outer environment, which is normal.

When the day turns dark, the inverse process occurs. The inhibition of light sends signal to the pineal gland, now the pineal gland transmute serotonin into melatonin, the nighttime neurotransmitter. The production of melatonin slows down our brain waves from beta to alpha, making us feel tired, sleepy and less likely to think and analyze. Slowing down to alpha to return our attention to our inner world than outer world until the body falls asleep and get into a catatonic state while the brain waves move from alpha to theta to delta, which melatonin induce rapid eye movement (REM) sleep with periods of dreaming.

Circadian rhythm is when our brain becomes automatically entrained to produce these chemicals at specific times in the morning and evening. We know when we move out of this natural rhythm when we travel to other parts of the world with time differences where we need time to readjust. In a 24-hour cycle, melatonin is produced the highest between 1am to 4am. This is important to remember.

Body Out of Balance when the Stress Hormones go up, Melatonin go down

There is an inverse relationship between our adrenal hormones and melatonin, when adrenal cortisol levels (stress hormones) go up, melatonin levels go down. That is why we can’t sleep when we are under stress, one of our biological safety mechanism. When the survival chemicals are produced, the body cant get the restorative sleep, with the chronic stress keeps the survival system activated, bringing the body out of homeostasis. If we lower the cortisol levels (stress hormones), the melatonin levels will increase, returning the body to build and heal rather than being in perceived emergency state.

Melatonin improve carbohydrate metabolism as due to the stress response, the body takes up carbohydrate to store as fat which is a primitive genes to store energy. Melatonin is known to help with depression, and proven to increase levels of DHEA, the anti-aging hormone.

What is Pineal Gland?

“The pineal gland is a neuroendocrine transducer secreting melatonin responsible for physiological circadian rhythm control. ”

It consists of small crystals less than 20 microns in length. These crystals has piezoelectric properties. The piezoelectric effect happens when we apply pressure to certain materials and the mechanical stress changed into an electrical charge. The pineal gland has calcite crystals made of calcium, carbon and oxygen to express this effect. Thus, the pineal gland can become electrically activated and generate electromagnetic fields that can tune into information.

It works like an antenna pulsates frequency to match the frequency of the incoming information. As a transducer, it receives a signal of one form and can concert it into another form, just like TV, radio and Wi-Fi waves, pick up a range of frequencies carrying a signal to TV then it is transduce into a picture on the screen.

“ The pineal gland is a neuroendocrine transducer, capable of receiving and converting signals within the brain. ”

Meaning once the pineal gland is activated, it can tune into a higher dimensions of the space and time, acting aa a transducer to pick up frequencies above our three-dimensional sensory based reality. Just like experiencing a multidimensional IMAX movie, Dr. Joe explained.

Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Broader Reality

Alteration in chemistry creates a new reality as of all our sense would increase by 25% where we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel more around you. Thus change in consciousness with a change in energy and awareness. The brain connects to a different frequency that process a new stream of consciousness with more lucid experiences. Dr. Joe shared when you are in this transcendental state, you feel more awake and more aware of your daily reality as if you are in that transcendental reality. We are seeing with a different eye, the inner vision.

With the accumulation of feelings and emotions (also an energy), we know when we experience survival emotions as they are a lowering of frequency, we feel more dense with matter. With higher state of consciousness, as they vibrate higher, you feel less matter and more like energy. This energy is what Dr. Joe called the elevated emotions.

Thus, emotions are the chemical feedback from the experience in the environment. If nothing changes in the external, it means nothing changes in the internal of the body.

“The higher the energy, the higher the consciousness;
The higher the consciousness, the greater the awareness;
The greater the awareness, the broader experience of reality you have.”

By experiencing enough inter-dimensional experiences beyond the senses, the mystics and masters no longer process the things as how they were given at birth – the survival mode. Instead, they created an awareness from the mind to perceive a different reality.

Thus, the pineal gland is the brain’s alchemist. It is known since ancient civilisation where the ancient Egypt symbol called the Eye of Horus. In modern mathematics, it is called the Fibonacci constant or Fibonacci’s sequence or the golden ratio.

To Activate the Pineal Gland

“By squeezing the air we breathe through the centers in our body and visualizing the energy to remain at the top of the head, the spinal fluid is pushed up the spine all the way to the pineal gland. This activates the pineal gland and the body and mind transform from survival mode to that of creation. Mystical moments come as an aftermath.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

There are many ways to activate the pineal gland. Dr. Joe shared some steps and guidance to activate the pineal gland, welcome to explore more by reading his book for more details. Some of Dr. Joe’s meditations can be found on Youtube as you search for it.

Enjoying the view,


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