Flow: Mentally, Emotionally & Physically

Day 3 on ‘Flow: Mentally, Emotionally & Physically’ of ‘Flow’ Chapter

From ‘Remembering’ Series

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“Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Bruce Lee

From the previous post, we mentioned to surrender and to allow authenticity as flow in life, this post focuses on how can we ‘flow’ in 3 aspects of us – mental, emotional, and physical.

Identify your own pattern: Do you considered yourself as very flexible, somewhat flexible or a structured person? Are you the ‘go-with-the-flow’ type or ‘I-need-to-control’ type? With the intention to strike a balance between the flexible and the structure, between completely-surrender-to-life behaviour and compulsive behaviour, we dive deeper on ‘flow’..

‘Flow’ is defined as an act of moving.

Flow within to without: Mental, Emotional, Physical

Mental Flow via Thoughts – Imagination

Are your mind filled with rigidity of the similar patterns? Sometimes, we tend to care more of what people think about our absurd thoughts, which really, doesn’t matter. Because we do not need others approval when it comes to our creativity. My imagination belongs to me, it is free to go wherever it needs to be.

Do you allow yourself to imagine outrageous, magical, enchanting, wondrous adventures in your life?

We can use the power of imagination to fill us with ideas in daily life. As we allow ourselves to ‘let go’ to allow imagination to flow, we are making space for possibilities and impossibilities.

Imagination is where we connect the dots of ourselves in life as a multidimensional being. Because if we cut off from the unknown realm, we only know one tiny aspects of life. With the same thoughts and create same reality repeatedly. When you open to imagination you open to live other realities, even other dimensions of the world, therefore opening to new possibilities, to new perspectives to new emotions and energy flow.

Carl Jung, mentioned the imagination continued the passageways to the psyche and inner awareness of our archetypes. Active imagination is what he introduced as an essential tool to establish communication between the conscious and the unconscious self. He encouraged to utilize imagination as a tool for the quest of self-knowledge to becoming a whole human being.

Here is a call for an adventure to go down the rabbit hole, into the wonderland.. Let’s take a leap to the unknown realm with our imagination.

Emotional Flow via Feelings – Expression

Do you allow your emotions to flow?

When we hold on the accumulated low vibration negative emotions within us – the guilt, shame, fear, frustration, these are reaping the body’s energy and when it is prolong, the body has little energy for growth and repair, thus, we keep our heart close too.

Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. When we are reliving the same emotions which are derived from the memory of the past, we are making the same choice, thus the body is conditioned to it. If there is a lack of such conditioned emotions, the body would start to crave for it and we relive the past experience by anticipating it.

Emotions are our internal compass, with our ability to express emotions give us the chance to connect deeper with ourselves as well as to improve communication and relationships with others. How do you express your emotions?

Allow the emotions to flow when it arises. Let it out. Allow it to go through its full cycle. Also, it is important to hold space to allow others to go through their emotions fully. When emotions are expressed, the energy is transformed.

PS: A practice to feel our emotion is shared on the previous post: Authenticity as Flow

Physical Flow via Body – Movement

How do you express yourself?

We express ourselves verbally or non-verbally, from facial expression to eye contact to touch to voice to body posture. Some studies show that we can recognize emotions (anger, sadness, fear, happiness) through movement.

When we use movement to express ourselves, we bring the attention back to the body while having fun exploring our emotions. This is where the mind, emotions and body are connected.

Besides strengthen our physical strength, creative expressions through movement allow us to identify and reflect on our emotions when it arises and then the choice to release it with movement. Thus, body awareness is enhanced.

The benefits of flowing movements we can practice:

  • Conscious Breath: Unblock & purify our energetic flow
  • Stretch: Increase flexibility & relax muscles with less tension
  • Shake: Activate parasympathetic nervous system, signal the brain to calm down & activate lymphatic system (release toxins)
  • Stand (Zhan Zhuang): Unblock stagnant chi to open all body’s energetic pathways, increase strength and vitality, relieve lower back pain & rebalance energy to the center
  • Slow Motion: Clear & slow down the mind
  • Walk: Bring body & mind together with the ability to focus & develop concentration
  • Sing or Hum: Open, harmonise & balance body & energetic pathways, boost immune system
  • Dance: Release tension & emotions, get in touch with our instincts, connect & being in our body, still the mind
  • Silence: Listen to the inner voice & surroundings, returning to the present moment, calms the mind & relax the body
  • Journal: Aware of internal dialogue & self reflections, explore & release emotions
  • Draw: Reflect emotions & thoughts, express what words couldn’t do, ignite creativity
  • Act: Release emotions, ignite creativity, embody different aspects of self, increase confidence
  • Body Tapping: Circulate energy & restore balance, calm the brain, activate parasympathetic nervous system
  • Massage: Relieve tension, relax the body, increase circulation, tone the muscles

In short, the cycle of life is just like the life of a flower: from a seed to rooting to growing to flowering to reproduce to wilting and returning to the soil. Change is the only constant, when we allow ourselves to flow from within to without, we open to possibilities.

May we flow like a water.



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