Another Perspective of Emotion

Day 2 on ‘Another Perspective of Emotion’ of ‘Emotions’ Chapter

From ‘Remembering’ Series

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We explained about feeling our emotions by introducing the middle ground way, shared by Karla Mclaren, which is in between of expression and repression, on the last post.

Here, we dive deeper on another perspective of emotion. We look at the mental construct of emotions where I learned from Matias de Stefano’s blog sharing.

The below is the summary on ‘Emotions’ from “I and Am Conversations’ of [Read more on emotions from THE EMOTIONAL SHIELD & EMOTIONS?]

What is emotion?

Recap from the origin of the word ’emotion’ is based on the Latin’s ’emovere’ where ‘e’ (variant of ex- ) means ‘from’ and ‘movere’ means ‘to move’.

Emotion is the energy in motion.

Say, the universe is the ocean, where the vibrations generated are the water, the frequency levels are the waves, and the inertia that pushes the waves represents the energy of the movement, which is the emotion. Therefore, emotion is an inertia pulse or discharge and reaction of energies that moves like waves.

It is the energy pulses which can be shared in the same instant. This pulses generate positive and negative electrical discharges to generate life and hormonal reactions. These magnetic pulses generated and interpreted by the nervous system which decoded into concepts of anger, joy, love etc.

Emotion is the key to creation on all levels of consciousness. As we are made up of emotional information, whatever we share will generate positive and negative in others. Something interesting I learned is that our emotional shield is the skin where it protects from all external data. Defensiveness, anger, crying or judging are how we emotionally respond to the perceived external attacks.

These energy pulses, emotions, created a structure pattern of perception which is the belief system. This belief system are the repeated patterns where it can be rigid or flexible.

Surprisingly, the belief patterns are not in the mind but it is in the skin. The brain is the processor of belief patterns like the CPU and the screen monitor which decode the data. While the skin is our emotional shield.

When our beliefs are rigid and closed, there are energetic blockages which are the knots, known as traumas, to protect from the external. Just like how the snail and turtle has its shell.

On the other hand, if this belief system is flexible, the emotions are mobilised, freeing itself from the traumas and shields, the skin will turn into soft skin to breathe in nutrients to the body.

Now, understand that emotions has 2 ways of interpretations in duality: one, either it is in low or high frequency, where low frequency is a slow process; high frequency is a fast process. The other interpretation is to look at emotion either it is in resonant or dissonant.

Resonant emotions are when there are 2 or more sound waves in the same vibrational scale; while dissonant emotions are when the sound waves are in different vibrational scale. Just like how we would feel when we play rock music and classical music together.

The blog post shared that the negative emotion does not mean it is in low vibration, but it is in dissonant. Even the ‘love’ emotion can be in dissonant, for example, when someone says ‘ I hit you because I love you.” Thus, emotion is best not to see it in high or low frequency, but to see it either in resonant or dissonant.

When the emotion is in resonant or not, the nervous system identify this resonance in the form of emotions, thus it activates hormones to secret electrical signals in the body, and this is how we feel the sensations of the emotions we know.

With the resonant emotion, it would not need to belief with a structured close pattern, but one will find an aspect to expand what you feel in yourself. Just like how one can see Divinity in each ‘god’ or religion or deity or any humans.

Also, I deemed it is worthy to note that how emotion is linked as the Soul aspect. The origin of the word ‘Soul’ in Spanish is ‘Alma’, which is based on the Latin’s ‘animatus’, meaning movement.

Thus, the Soul encompasses all emotions.

What we can do to expand our emotion is by feeling, recognizing, being aware of the emotions. We can never cut off emotions, as we exist because of emotion, but we can be emotion in freedom. Start asking yourself questions on your concepts of emotions.

Write down your answers of these questions:

  • “What is my belief about emotions?”
  • “What role do emotions play in your life?”

Bonus –Take a look:

The human emotional vibration analysis frequency ranges chart:

This illustrates the vibrational analysis hertz frequency rate of the range of higher to the lower emotions. As the vibration analysis rate gets lower our breadth of consciousness and ability to deal with things positively is reduced, limiting your perception of the narrow band of reaction.



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