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Day 8 on ‘Soul Family & Soul Group’ of ‘Relationships’ Chapter

From Remembering Series

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After watching a video from Gaia this morning on ‘Ask THEO Live: The Soul Family with Sheila and Marcus Gillette’ (from ‘Open Minds’ with Regina Meredith). This reminded me of the terms – soul group and soul family. Thus, this post will look at the aspects of these two terms.

Watch the video here, where you need to subscribe an account in Gaia, which I highly recommended, it has all the aspects of spiritual discoveries and development here. You may find out more about THEO here: AskTHEO.

“We all have a soul family, the ones that ignite and support our truth. They feed something in us we weren’t aware we needed before them. They’ll make you face yourself and become raw and authentic. You’ll roam but never too far from eachother for the invisible thread of connectedness; once opened can never be locked. They are the ones who will see you through all the important days of your life no matter what tributes and trials you face. They’ll just be there, in presence, in synchronicity or in spirit.”

Nikki Rowe

How would you define family?

There is genetic family which we are very familiar with, then, there is soul family. Genetic family is related by genes and blood passed from one generation to another.

Meanwhile, soul family is said to be related with our origin star race.

Soul group relates to the Earth-bound collective souls which we spend majority of our incarnations with.

Mysenseofsoul described the difference between soul group and soul family is where soul group is our classmates where soul family is from a deeper root.

The purposes

Based on my personal understanding on genetic family, soul group and soul family, all has different purposes but lead to the same path, which is unity- oneness. Genetic family might not be the one who match your vibration or speak your language, but they are here to prepare us as part of our highest learning in life.

PS: Our parents or genetic family members might not always be in our ‘soul family’.

On the other hand, soul family and soul group would comprise of a person or a group of people where our soul is energetically resonates with, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually at any given moment.

All parties are here to help each other learn, grow, and experience, either in resonance or dissonance. Then, it is a choice for you to decide how you would like to grow and the speed of growth.

“Some people will hear you louder in silence. Those are your tribe – they’ll get you through the tough days and give you something to laugh about on the ride.”

Nikki Rowe

We would call our soul group or soul family as our tribe as they share an intense strong bond with us which is beyond time and space, almost sharing the same vibration and frequency. It can be in many forms, some commonly known as soul mates, twin flames, but each has its unique purposes.

Some believed that we make soul contracts with our soul family to return for a specific purpose.

“Past life therapist have uncovered that under hypnosis a common reflection of their clients is that after they’ve passed from one life that they are waiting for there soul family in between lives to return to life once again, perhaps even taking on different roles and even genders to assist and support in the purpose of one another’s soul purpose.”

Explore perspectives

Find out more as there are tons of perspectives out there on soul mates, twin flames and soul family. Here are some videos I have watched which gave me different point of views on the subject. Remember, perspectives.

Metaphorically speaking, what we call soul families, are just rivers that have projected forth from the ocean (streams of consciousness that have projected forth from unified consciousness) and what we call individual souls that experience a specific reincarnation path, are just creeks that have projected forth from a particular stream. Now, interestingly enough, these creeks can project forth into the physical as multiple beings at one time. Your soul could in essence be incarnated here on earth as multiple individuals, both human and non-human. And much of the time, if one aspect of you ran into another aspect of you, you would have no conscious awareness of it.

Teal Swan

From Teal Swan: For the start

From Matt Kahn: I find this really interesting

One important thing I learned is, many of us intend to unite with one another, no matter who you would love to find or to attract- be it soul mate, twin flame or soul family; first, find yourself.

When we put ourselves as the priority, to shine our light and love from within, we are one step closer to discover our tribe or counterpart.

My personal learnings

In terms of genetic family, I have desire to raise their vibration or to see and understand my perspectives or life, but I am learning to accept them for who they are, in the current state. With trust, I can only show and lead by example. At times, I have to physically be apart because what my soul desired is something unique which I have to do it alone. With them as a part of me, wherever I am, I appreciate all my growth and learnings from the family. Thus, with less attachment and full acceptance, I am fulfilling my soul’s mission.

In terms of soul group and soul family, I have been searching and I have my soul tribe. I had experienced doubting if I have encounter my twin flame, going through self-perceived ‘dark night of the soul’. And, now, completely surrendering the search to focus on my own development. One thing I know for sure, whenever I am, my soul tribe is there.

May you be and go where you are celebrated, when you meet one, you will know.

“Go find yourself first so you can find me.”




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