The Emotional Messages of Food & Cravings

“We eat for our stomachs, but we hunger with our hearts.”

Padma Lakshmi

[Re-sharing] The Emotional Messages of Food

Source: Conscious Lifestyle Mag on spiritual Nutrition Food Vibration

How emotions are linked to our craving for certain texture and taste in food:

Crunchy foods: Anger – Crunchy foods helps to express our anger in a safe way where we don’t have to deal with people or circumstances that causes us to be angry.

Salty foods: Fear – Salty foods indicate when we want to have more “spice” in our lives but are too scared to take the risk.

High-gluten or wheat products: Comfort and safety – It gives us the comfort and safety we need in a threatening way.

Sugar: Excitement – Sugar provides excitement for us when we can’t provide it ourselves; sugar is a substitute playmate if we are unable to allow someone else to share joy with us.

Dairy (milk, ice cream, fatty cheese): Love – As milk represent the unconditional love we received or supposed to be received, from mother during infancy. We crave for dairy products when we desire unconditional love and protection that we can’t find in daily life.

Chocolate: Sexual drive – Eating chocolate is a safe way to feel sensual when our life is lack of romance which is also a substitute for sex and physical love we need but too afraid to obtain.

Alcohol: Acceptance – Alcohol can provide the illusion of self acceptance and protect for the perceived dangers of intimacy. The sugar in alcohol served as a substitute for excitement and the corn in alcohol buffer the feelings of failure, and grain alcohol give us the warm feelings we might find it lack in our relationships.

Corn: Success – Eating corn products can temporarily imburse our feelings with a sense of professional successes and cushion us from deep-seated feelings of insecurity and failure.

Fatty foods: Shame – Fatty foods hide our internal shame so we are protected from other people or perceived dangers.

[Re-sharing] The Meaning of Food Cravings

Source: Conscious Lifestyle Mag on Intuitive Eating Food Cravings Meaning

When we experience certain cravings, these can be the interpretations for the body:

Food cravings for sweets after a meal in non-obese person: Can mean protein deficiency; diet is not rich enough or heavy enough to ground the individual.

Food cravings for salt: Can be sluggish digestion. Digestion needs to be sharpened. Activity level is too high and digestion is being damaged by overdoing.

Food cravings for hot spicy foods: Can be weak digestion, particularly from lack of exercise and physical activity.

Food cravings for sour: Can be from the buildup of ama. Ama needs to be cut through and dissolved for digestion to work right.

Food cravings for bitter (such as coffee or dark chocolate): Can be lack of bitter in the diet (not enough greens and vegetables).

Introducing Mindful eating + Silent Eating

When we are conscious of what we are eating, we listen to our body more and therefore it is more likely to go for healthier options and know when to stop eating when we are full.

This is an invitation for you and those who might be interested to eat one meal in silence, an alternative way to enjoy food which you might not have otherwise.

To experience and explore:

  • Eating slowly by focusing on the food and the body without distraction
  • Listening to your body’s needs or emotional needs
  • Appreciating your food

Find our more here: Mindful & Silent Eating

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