Out of Comfort Zone in May & June 2021

The Latest Update

I have been out of the blog since May until June as I went out of my nest (hometown) to the city (Kuala Lumpur) for human connection and exchange with new experiences. With the intention of finding inspiration and opportunities to learn and share with others. Thus, most of my attention are outward towards the people I was with and constantly making new connections. A part of me felt sorry and guilty for not being able to update the blog post and sharing here. Also, some of my learnings were affected. I would say a huge turn in my routine daily.

Yet, I am thankful to know that You have been reading the posts and appreciating it. Thank you for letting me know! =)

Why leaving the comfort zone?

Because I had the chance to co-create one offline experience via Reconnect & Recharge with our invited guest facilitator: Sean Ching Cheang and our guest participants, I took 2 bags of luggage with faith and trust to hop on the train to the city. It has been a year I have not stepped in the heart of the city, thus, it was a bit of a new norm adjustment when I arrived the central hub of transportation where there were no more busy crowds and noises, only a few of us hosting the space with the loud advertisement on food delivery services.

The Journey

Hereby, I decided to tell the story with video and pictures below with 5 key new experiences, plus a summary of my lessons learned. This (almost) 2 months journey ended with a twist, plus I did not plan for a return date, somehow this twist brought me back home. It took me many hours to gather, edit, and structure the video and photos, I would appreciate your time checking them out. If only you are keen.

Watch The Video

(Click ‘CC’ for the Subtitle)

Longer & raw version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6hSYfFri0k

Here Are My 5 New Experiences

1st: Staying in 5 Places in almost 2 months

Much Gratitude to my friends and family who gave me the opportunities to experience the stay in different locations! The packing is something I am learning to enjoy, the rest, I truly enjoyed every moment. What’s the perks of experiencing different locations? Human interactions plus being able to stay in the story of the space they have created. And exploring the neighborhood, then I discovered, we are all humans. Having the same need for belongingness and safety. That’s what home is for us. At the end, I rented a space and that’s the twist of the story. Keep reading.

2nd: Staying + Cooking with friends & Time With Self

They say food connects people, and it is so true. It is when we cook and eat together, we bond with each other. We share stories, thoughts and ideas. I truly enjoy the moments where we had a few heart-to-heart honest conversations after the meals. I enjoyed where we share good food together. I enjoy my friends’ cooking skills. Thank you friends for the food sharing and moments of togetherness! And, when I stay alone, I get to cook for myself, got what I really love – kefir, kombucha, blueberries, vege lasagna, mushrooms. I also get to experience food delivery, which is so new to me. XD

3rd: Co-creation Online Experiences & Connection Online

This is where I started to appreciate a lot. Online connection. When I was staying alone, it is with the online experiences and connection with friends and family where I know I am not alone alone. I don’t think I am ever alone but with online presence, I am glad to be connected. So, I am out of my mind, for a moment. I truly enjoy co-creating experiences and space for people to be themselves, so thank you dear friends, family, Reconnect & Recharge communities for allowing me to do so. =)

4th: Offline Experiences & Connection

These moments were deeply treasured in my heart where we get to meet face-to-face, get to listen and communicate directly, get to touch and hug each other. Being able to spend time with these beautiful beings, ahhh.. that is one perks of being alive isn’t? Just look at the genuine smile. =) Even though nature is not easily available as my hometown, but, exercise is still allowed, so I enjoy all the moments where I walked around the neighborhood. It felt really good! And, I love the 2 times of visitation to the Fusion Longhouse in Kuala Kubu Bahru, thank you papa Antares and the Magick River!

5th: First Experience on Dating Apps + Friendships (BFF Mode)

My first experience on dating apps- after listening to some stories, I got curious and figured, why not? So, I experienced Tinder app for about a week. I experienced Coffee Meet Bagels for 2 weeks or so, and the last app that I am still using now is Bumble. Which I have switched to ‘BFF mode’ for some time now, making friends with the ladies, and I preferred it this way. I appreciate Bumble, I made new friends, but for now, only for friendships. PS: I do have one special connection here, let’s see. 😉

Unexpected Incident: Skin Allergies + Emotional Stress + Environment Triggers

Here is the twist and why I decided to return home. With the emotional stress, the food I ate plus the triggers from the environment I stayed, I got bitten by little bugs and then hives breakout throughout my whole body to my face and scalps. So.. for emotional safety and healing purposes, I decided to return home. I experienced 3 days of itchiness from the legs and after one hell of a night for the hives breakout, that’s it. I called an end to the journey. Or rather, a pause for realignment.

I am so grateful for my beloved Ca-Ryn who constantly checked out on me, and asked help from Sundar who did a Pranic Healing session for me to reduce the itchiness so I could return home without much fuss. Thank you Ruey Chee for the help and friends family who checked me up. Thank you Shay for the cooling powder and gave me tip to use ice to cool them down. There were moments I thought of just surrendering because the itch was really something. Thus, the need for reflection. I cancelled my reservation of the stay and thankful to be welcome home by my parents.

*Special Beware Note on the pictures below*

Back Home For Healing & Reflection

Being home, I am back to the garden, spending time with my aunt’s dogs – Panda & Gary, sitting and laying on the grass, all of these have been my healing buddies. Thank you , thank you , thank you! I am recovering and all is well. =)

My 10 Lessons Learned In Sum

1. Listen and attend to my emotional needs (always prioritise).
2. Ask for help whenever it’s needed (and give help whenever you can).
3. Boundaries are needed and it’s okay to disconnect for a while.
4. Always appreciate life as it’s only one day to live!
5. It feels good to be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.
6. I’m supported by many beings! (Huge huge gratitude to Ca-Ryn)
7. It’s okay to not be okay and to let others know about it. XD
8. I learned how emotions and thoughts can influenced me a lot when I don’t know how to handle it.
9. Some People can’t really fulfil my emotional needs and it can’t be helped as everyone has their own shit to deal with- so I learn to shift focus and expectations on others to self.
10. Always Be grateful for all the things in life! 🌹

Thank you for watching and reading dear one! Take good care of yourself! =)

Onwards to a new adventure,

Vic Qi (Abhya)

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