Given a choice, what would I choose?

  • Plunge into the deep abyss of depression and try to survive in the realities that others created or
  • give myself a whole new meaning and create my own reality from that moment.

Well, it is up to you.


When I feel low, down, and heavy, I would go with the habits of addiction and compulsive behaviours, be it watching videos, binge eating or simply do anything to distract the self from going within. Why so?

I just don’t feel like it. Because of the overwhelming emotions, I took it all in without filter and just submerse in the unconscious cycle. Ignorance is bliss (?).

Until the whole body, emotional, and mental state were so foggy and cloudy. Then, I knew, I had enough of this. These were no fun, I don’t feel good and it doesn’t served me, it only prolong my process. That is when the determination kicks in. With a choice, to be consciously aligning my mind, emotion, and body.

Surrendering, listening to the inner voices again.

As if there is a reset button and it is pressed.


“I was born from the Earth, my body was gestated in its minerals, I am water, salt, carbon and oxygen. My body is the child of mud, and my spirit is the lotus that blooms in its muddy texture. I was born from the Earth, but I AM THE EARTH. ”

Matias De Stefano

Our consciousness, our spirit, our soul and our body are One on Earth, they are one with Earth, they are Earth. Do not be afraid to get muddy and bury yourself in this reality, that only leads us to return to being seeds in the mother’s womb, and REBORN!

There are many voices in the mind, in the mental field, to look for grounding, I go to the Earth, the garden, my barefoot touching the ground, connecting my roots to the core of the Earth. To look for clarity, I go to sit with the trees and plants, I would ask for purification as I breath deeply, clearing all fogs and clouds in the mind and body. To look for flexibility, I look up the sky for the ever changing clouds formation and weather, I see impermanence. To look for miracles, I look for birds, dogs, cats, chickens, butterflies, and dragonflies, I see the art of colours and movements.

As I listen, connecting to the Heart, I found my next step..

I See

If I am not pulsing from consciousness, I will be driven from unconsciousness, where my heart will be triggered or reacted by the ideas and perceptions from the mind, from the past. When I align with the Mind of the Universe that creates all realities, I am the Universal Heartbeat. I am the cosmic pulse.

The Heart is essential to balance as..

“Love will set you free”

I leave it up to you to feel this message and to know from your Love what to connect with.

Gratitude & Celebration

A huge gratitude to Yosoy (I AM) related beings, especially to Matias de Stefano and Fundación Arsayian for the sharing blogs and alignments with task for the planetary shift in the past 370 days. Here’s a gratitude dance to the Sun, Moon, Sirius, Earth, Atlantis, Galactic Beings and Humanity. Celebrating new year of Atlantis (4th August 2021) & to the shift in Earth. With this Beautiful Music is credit to Canción YOSOY – Versión “Somos” by Fundación Arsayian.

“Tick… tock … tick … tock … it’s time .”

Let’s get ready, shall we? Welcoming the Seed of The World on 8/8.

I Am.

With deep gratitude & infinite love,

Vic Qi (Abhya Pan)

Published by Abbhya 阿比亚 Pan Vic Qi

One sharing and supporting unity consciousness

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