Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on Yosoy.red)

“Shadow owes its birth to light.”

John Gay

Based on my last Kombucha Talk discussion with Ca-Ryn on Reconnect & Recharge, we discussed about Shadow work, thus, I revisited some related sharing by Matias de Stefano on Yosoy.red.

Here are some questions and answers based on Matias sharing which I resonated a lot, hope it serves you in giving new perspectives and tools to go through these journey. Take what you need, trust your inner voice. =)

–> How does our brain interprets shadows or lights? Biologically explained.

Sun gives life so for billions of years, every cell in this world knows what happen in the day and night (12 hours of light & 12 hours of darkness) psychologically, during the day there is light, food, clarity, we feel safer, alert; while night, there is insecurity, predators can hunt us, temperature drops and lower our defences. Psychologically, the internal registers are activated, with the collective perception that the sun is going and moon is setting indicating something is not right, releasing all hidden things.

There are merely biologically factors of fear, like children we fear of night. But there is no war between light and shadow in the universe, it is a battle on Earth.

Both forces of Light and the shadows work uniquely together. Both are internal program of the mind. With all the repressed emotions due to repression, culture, religion, fears, shame, judgment, expectations, eclipses come to make us see these emotions to recognise as a fuel.

–> Why is it so difficult for us to accept our shadows?

Our whole life, existence, have been seeking for light and escaping the darkness. From the first unicellular organism on the planet which emerged to the surface escaping the dark and cold oceanic to seek the heat of sun and carry out photosynthesis. From algae eating algae to trees looking for sunlight, mammals living during day time.

“The Light of the Sun becomes the symbol of the fight against darkness, and it is believed in the subconscious that it is at night where evil is found, the dark, what bothers me, the enemy. The antagonist of our adventure, which shows us our weaknesses.Thus, everything bad, what makes us weak, what we hate, what we do not accept or recognize both in others and in ourselves, are placed in the shadows.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> What is shadow?

On emotional level, like our secret thoughts, desires, forbidden, what we do not like about ourselves, what we want to hide from others, what makes us weak, is placed in the shadows. Hidden from the light by the shame like a garbage dump where insects, bacteria, viruses, bugs grow. Just like how we treat our garbages, we just throw it away where we don’t want to see. Then, it pollutes the water, generates the greenhouse effect and then return to our lives and damaging us even more.

When on hate the dark, not accepting it, it is the irresponsibility of not knowing how to manage one’s own garbage and waste. If only we learned to reuse that energy by giving it a new purpose, maybe, garbage dumps can be resolved instantly. Like how we would compost our leftover food or fruits skin.

–> How come we consider darkness as the enemy of light?

Due to the 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness, we have been assigning attributes to each based on experience. Generalization is an act of survival where we lived in such context.

–> What is darkness that we fear so much?

They are summed up in one word- ‘irresponsibility’. When one blame a being or system for one’s own inability to manage them and trigger a response to conflict that is productive and transcendental to it, makes one irresponsible. When one believe that the evils in life is due to a demon or enemy is not being able to cope with the inner power that goes above all of it. Darkness is simply the absence of light, Light is the only one capable to causing a shadow.

“Shadow owes its birth to light.” — John Gay

–> Why is the space dark?

“Because your eyes cannot see the distant light in the confines. Your ocular capacity is limited to the solar system in which you are, and star dust, gas clouds limit your vision, as well as the distance, which makes the radiation waves of light and energy are not perceptible.”

So everything is Light or absence of Light …

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> Where does all demons come from?

In short, they are the distorted light patterns, distorters of light.

Darkness is like the builders of realities, as the ants or bees which build their own world and do not hesitate to sting if one get in their way. What if humans are demons to the beings you call demons? It really depends on where you stand.

“When you see that the builders of realities are no more distorters of light in order to build their own worlds, in the same way that you cut down a tree to make a table, kill an animal or plant to eat, break one. mountain to build a house, you free yourself from the idea that there is a superior force that dominates you, because you realize that you do the same with other forces that you consider inferior. The darkness, which you call so vilely, is nothing more than another being trying to create its life, just like you. You are darkness, for you were born from the distortion of light. It is not spirituality, this is logic.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> What is the first step to accept our shadows?

Recognise that they rise from light, and it is a part of a natural system of evolution which can be recycled to improve my personal evolution.

“The struggle between light and darkness exists only in the human subconscious, which, when taken to the human unconscious, generates an eternal battle between the absurd concept of “good and bad”. No one is good or bad, there are only beings more distorted than others. But they are all light. When you can see the light in the darkest places, you will recognize the truth, that everything was only One.”

“So, the I is the darkness, and the I am is the light. The I is the distortion of light with all its colors and chakras and emotions, while the I am is the essential light that connects everything, that gives it meaning.”

“..it is not a question of following the light or the shadow, it is not a question of escaping, it is a question of knowing all the paths, of walking them without fear.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> How do I face my shadows?

“Recognizing that they are part of your light, of your path. That if you recycle them, they will be useful to you. Fears, desires, everything that is hidden within you, is power, is strength. Your weaknesses are what make you great, your mistakes are what make you wise, your desires are what drive you, your negative thoughts are what build your reality. Give them a purpose, write them down, speak them up, let them out. The road becomes heavier by carrying a garbage bag, which you can easily use to compost, harvest and thus nourish yourself. Darkness is that tool that you have at your disposal to find the path of light, because darkness is nothing more than light scattered over hundreds of paths.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> What are our shadows, again?

“Because our shadows are children with fear, children that we lock in a dark room, whom we mistreat. Our internal demons are emotions that for arising in our intestines and kidneys, we have denied as waste and treated without love, with disgust, when they are the ones who absorb the nutrients so that we can live. They just need a hug of unconditional love. Every enemy is a friend who has not received our love. Every illness is the reaction of a lack of attention. All conflict is the product of resistance to give and open up. All war is due to the lack of balance between all parties. Every demon is a frightened angel. All anger is a repressed child. All anger is the lack of a caress.All struggle is the lack of listening. There is no evil, because evil is born from the denial of good.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> Why do we live in denial?

Our body would cling to security due to survival – where cells seek to save energy to not die thus everything else is uncomfortable, painful and to be avoided as much as possible. Safety has nothing to do with being well. Change requires energy to break the structure thus makes us feel death. To transform requires a lot energy, thus, with less effort, the greater stability. It is boring and involutional. Evolution means to move around and advance. When it is still, there are no new perspectives, when the environment forces one to transform, and when one is not able to do so, he will die – involution.

The things we deny is simply us not knowing how to manage or handle it when they appear. Not having the tools to transcend them thus the mind, emotion and body is defensive in the face of something that is denied.

“Everyone wants to be happy, so everyone will deny anger, sadness, hatred, and all those emotions that cause us instability. However, when I deny that these emotions are part of me, when I refuse to accept them as part of my life, when I reject or separate them as if they were something other than love and happiness, or when I judge them, the only thing I am doing is giving them more strength.”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> What are the two types of denial?

“There are two types of denial. One is Deny because we don’t want it, and another is Deny because we don’t recognise it. The first type of Denial, that of “I don’t like it, I don’t want it”, what it does is give power to that factor, as with the virus. It’s like now with the Coronavirus, quarantine is not the solution, the solution was a good free and free public health service, more support in all scientific, medical and nursing fields, international laws on animal consumption and food science. The same with a personal conflict, denying the entire family history. Ignoring the causes means that we always have to react to the consequences.”

“And the Deny for not recognizing, say when someone tells you: “you are jealous”, and your immediate response is “no, I am not”, you are avoiding something fundamental, that the other for some reason has seen in you. The simple fact that it tells you, deserves a minimum analysis. Perhaps it is his reflection of the other in you, or perhaps it is his own truth. A mirror has reflected something to you that you must see. Maybe it’s just an easy-to-wash spot from your face, or maybe it’s something you’ve never noticed from going too fast and not looking closely. Every time they describe you in a way that you do not recognize in yourself, that you deny in your being, before saying No, ask yourself the question: “why?”

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> How to deal with denial?

“Questioning is the key to learning. Stop fighting what I deny is the key to evolution. Don’t fight world governments, put your energy into building a new one. Do not fight against religion, simply learn to live in freedom from your “I am”. Don’t fight your family, create a new one. Don’t fight your emotions, just feel them and acknowledge them. All emotion is useful, and to deny it is to lose the ability to know how to use it.”

“The exercise of asking the question is difficult at first, like learning to ride a bicycle, but when the brain gets used to it and exercises, the whole process is done in a second. If I tell you now: “You are egocentric.” What would you say to me?”

“The next question would be: “Is that useful to you?””

Matias De Stefano ( Yosoy: I and Am)

–> What can we do about it?

As suggested in the blog:

Write down in your notebook the question

“What emotions and feelings do I deny about myself?”

That is, which ones I cannot recognize, and which ones I encounter in the struggle. Analyze, acknowledge, and start asking questions every time someone affirms something that you deny:

1) Why?…

2) Is it useful to me?

“Both Light and Shadow are the dance of love.”


Read from the sources via Yosoy.red:

May we love our shadow, that hurt child who has reacted badly for not being cared for from the beginning.

PS: –> Watch Ca-Ryn’s & my Live Sunday’s Kombucha Talk on the past 8.8.21 here: “Bringing Shadow to Light”.

“All the emotion that comes from me is the final product of my shadows and lights “

Dancing with shadow,

Vic Qi Pan

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