Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021

Welcoming September with a summary video of the past two months, where I spent more time outdoor, with my parents. If you want to see something green, yellow, and blue, watch the video below. =)

You will see fruits, vegetables, humans, dogs, worms, sun, rain and mountains.

All the essence of 2 months in 7 minutes 50 seconds.

“You can never control what another person does, or thinks, or how their life ends up. To do so will only make you tired, and them frustrated. Give them some space to breathe and let them take the wheel. Trust that they can handle themselves.”

Benjamin Fishel

Latest Update

Dear friends and family, thank you for giving me space to breathe and trust that I can handle myself.

Throughout these two months, two of the most significant moments were during the blue full moon in August 2021 & when my brother and his partner came home after months. During the August blue moon, I experienced 4 hours of meditation during midnight and it was so beautifully intense plus with a tired body, thus, it was memorable to me.

Meanwhile, my brother Joon came home with Yun Lu for 3 days and I really enjoyed their company. =)

The next memorable events were online sessions with Reconnect & Recharge communities – we meditate every Thursday, share on every Sunday & move bi-weekly on Sunday. Thus, I personally learn and grow a lot by hosting and strengthening connections with friends. Thank you for the opportunity!

Slowly but surely, I came to a deeper understanding of my unconscious repeated patterns and ever more inspired to take a different action this time. Truthfully, I aim to be authentic, honest and as transparent as I can. By leading as example with alternative lifestyle and as an initiator for transformation. I am just an instrument of life where nothing belongs to me-only, including my story, thus I openly share my life as an open book.

And, I think I am losing my personal Instagram account, still trying out. There were tons of memories and I wish I could keep them. The new public account is named: @abhya.aquie.

Oh oh, so during the online session I co-hosted on Reconnect & Recharge, in ‘Sunday Expression’, I get to experience poetry writing guided by Sydrah, thus, hereby sharing my work. Have a good read. =)

Poem ‘My Body’ by Vic Qi,

with Guided words by Sydrah

(PS: The Capital letter words are the must-insert words)

Dear body,
It has been a while.
Although I am your PILOT
I am thankful that you REMAIN intact
DISTRIBUTE million tasks every second.

Although I am aware of that,
like how the backs feels like NEEDLE poking through.
you are still supporting us as the pillar.

Although I have been lazy,
feeling BALD and bored at times,
you are still alive and well-functioning.

But I want you to know
how much I RESPECT you
as my vehicle in this world.

To experience beauty in life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love you.

Latest Doodle

Embracing both sides of the coin as one. =)

For Reflection By Matias de Stephano

You can choose to meditate and write down the answers to these questions to review for the last quarter of 2021:


Do I own my thoughts or do my thoughts control my life?


Are my life goals really mine? Where am I going, where do I want to go?


Am I consistent between what I think, say, feel and do?


Do I accept myself as I am and accept others as they are?


Are all the relationships I have with other people balanced? Do I have dependencies on them?


Do I have the willpower to do everything I propose?


Do I really live in my present? Do I hope to be someone different or am I a constant result of my past?


What is my relationship with my mother? With my father? To what extent do they control my life? What do I need to let go of them? What do I need to accept from them?


Am I the owner of my destiny? Take a step deciding to change something in you. Can you really take that step?

What Struck me the Most? These Words.

“You are children, lost in fantasies you’ve read in a book, pathetic little children running away from all your fears. You want to live in a fairy tale. You want to fly and you haven’t even learned to walk. Wake up, children! It’s time to grow up! Open your eyes and see the illusions you’ve been spinning.”

“You are gutless. You are without courage. You are cowards. You are lazy. You are a bunch of good-for-nothing space cadets who want to run away from your responsibilities as human beings. The Earth is calling to you and all you do is ignore her and run to the stars. Pathetic! Gutless! Cowards!”

Excerpt From: Ya’Acov Darling Khan. “Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart.”

These words motivated me a lot, every time I read it.

Let the journey begin!

My Gratitude List

I am grateful for a warm, safe, beautiful homeland & shelter. I am grateful for my parents, 2 brothers, aunt Soo San, uncle Kwai Leong, Panda, Gary, cats, chickens, plants, herbs, trees, mountains and rivers. I am grateful for the food I have. I am grateful for the water, rain, sun and moon. Plus rainbow too. I am grateful for my body, organs, muscles, tissues, bones and all cells.+ fluids. I am grateful for my loved ones, dear sister Ca-Ryn, Zhi Ee, Dianna, Aces, Sydrah, Kheng, Kasturi, Darshini, Antares, Ravin, Sean, Cordelia, Elaine, Elina, Edward, Lisa, YanLing, Jennifer, Kavin, Christina, Sudy, Thomas, Chiron, Rei, Emerlyn, Gerald, Soon Lee, Ruey Chee, U Hong, and the R&R community. I am grateful for my neighbours and the trees + animals nearby. I am grateful for all kinds of opportunities to grow, expand and reflect. =)

My Wish For You & I

May all unacknowledged, unconscious, disowned shadow energies within my psyche be embraced and held in love. May all protective blocking forces within my ego preventing this process be held and upgraded in love.

Take care and see you!


Abhya Pan Vic Qi

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