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A Quie Space is here to create sacred space for self transformation, integrating the ‘new’ with the ‘old’ to introduce an alternative way of living besides the norm. Our focus is to build an intentional community with conscious seekers and creators. As above, so below; as within, so without. Before the external manifestation of A Quie Space, we intend to align and grow together with experiences.

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What is A Quie Member?

One who support the mission of A Quie as a family whom we grow with. By becoming A Quie Member, you will support the path in spreading and building A Quie Space worldwide. Thank you for co-creating the present and future together.

As a member, you will enjoy:

  • daily “Remembering” exploration on 12 topics of self & universe ( A Quie Explorer);
  • monthly special summarised content & updates (only for members);
  • special rate for offline experiences.

In the near future, you will:

  • guidance to create of your own A Quie Sanctuary at your personal space;
  • guidance to host A Quie experience for your loved ones;
  • an in dept alignment to be involved in different roles to co-create A Quie Space;
  • exclusive invite & offers to sacred experiences;
  • and receive the first-hand updates on building A Quie Space.

5 Roles to be involved with Pop-Up Physical A Quie Space

  • Ether – an online explorer, an offline experiencer,
  • Air – an investor, an advisor,
  • Earth – a gardener, a cook,
  • Fire – a caretaker, a connector, a messenger,
  • Water – a host, a guide, a facilitator.

Remembering Series

Be Yourself because everyone else is taken

Your Investments

Time, Commitment and Financially

Register as A Quie Member here:

Membership Subscription for 2021: $90

What Others Says About Abhya

“Vic Qi (Abhya) is the fire, water, air, and earth of this lifetime to all, she is loved and blessed in every single minutes.”

— Sean

“Vic Qi (Abhya) is sweet and kind, always holding space for others and inspiring everyone to embrace their silly side.”

— Siti

“Can’t think of a more dynamic, sincere, inspiring & authentic Divine Human to do the job!”

— Antares

A Quie Space

A sacred space for self-transformation

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