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Hello, this is Abbhya!



I am an adventurous social artist on a quest of creativity. I love dancing free flow and have deep conversations. Currently, working on activating and designing sacred space to generate a unique resonant environment for harmony.

An activator of hearts, space, and planetary network – with Reconnect & Recharge, A Quie Space, ABBHYA, and YOSOY initiative.

Her Experience 经验之谈

Her journey begins here..

  • The First Host & Organiser for World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment in Malaysia 2016 with The Liberators International.
  • The co-creator of Reconnect & Recharge focusing on human and self connection.
  • A Free-flow Dancer led the first “Silent Disco” in Malaysia 2018

She has been leading by example creating and involving over 100 participatory heart centered experiences, from big scale to small scale both offline and online. Working with various organisations in health and wellness industry providing opportunities for hundreds of people to connect themselves and others deeper.

Her 5 years plus of experience in bridging connections between different parties, working to provide win-win solutions, with the universities, corporates, community, and non profit organisations made her a strong advocate for human connections. Her work was featured by TV2 前线视窗, Lot 10 (YTL Corporation) KLIA Express and The Edge Malaysia as the initiator of social experiments in Malaysia.

She was the first pioneer in co-hosting the first World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 2016 to 2019. Where over hundreds of people gathered in the streets to experience meaningful connection by exchanging eye contact.

Read More on Her Past Experiences 阅读我过去的经历

“I am a seed, becoming a tree, creating more seeds”


I am

Why “A Quie Space”? 为何创造‘有间心坊’?

To co-create a space to be in harmony with oneself – mind, body, and heart in coherent.


So humanity is living in harmony with each other and nature as a whole.


Thus, a collective beings living in harmony with the evolution of the Earth.


The Mission is to connect a Network of People willing to:

(In reference with Foundation Arsayian’s path to create a conscious network in between 02-02-2020 to 02-22-2022, find out more here: Yo Soy (Consciousness of the I am))

  • align your 3 bodies (physical, emotional and mental) in Coherence
  • through the 3 times (past, present, future)
  • expanding to the 3 spaces (width, height, depth)
  • through the 3 vibrations (rhythm, melody, harmony)
  • to connect the 3 minds (subconscious, unconscious and conscious) 
  • in balance of the 3 cosmos (internal, neutral and external)
  • for the unity of the 3 worlds (sky, earth, human)

任务是连接与建立一个意识网络,根据Foundation Arsayian 在时间02-02-202002-22-2022之间,愿意:【阅读YOSOY我是意识

  • 使您的3个身体(身体,情感和精神)保持一致
  • 经过3次(过去,现在,将来)
  • 扩展到3个空格(宽度,高度,深度)
  • 通过3种振动(节奏,旋律,和声)
  • 连接这三个思维(潜意识,潜意识和意识) 
  • 三个宇宙之间的平衡(内部,中性和外部)
  • 为了三个世界(天空,地球,人类)的统一


The beginning of creation started from a dot – the one being.


A +ve & a -ve force (duality) is created to experience itself.


The combined forces of 2 (Spirit & Soul) created matter (Body).


As the Spirit, Soul and Body is integrated, it is an infinite potential.


How to Support?

  • Mentally: Schedule time to practice silence in solitude and with your loved ones. Start with 11 minutes daily.
  • Emotionally: Breath slower and deeper constantly, take conscious break. Share the power of silence with your loved ones.
  • Physically: Set up ‘A Quie Space’ in your home, office or school. Share and invite those in need of ‘A Quie Space’ to experience or share content on social media etc.
  • Financially: Donate. Join A Quie Initiative, offerings and the space. Acquire any of the products (coming soon). Be a co-creator (or partner) to co-create ‘A Quie Space’ physically in your neighbourhood.


  • 精神上:自己体验安静时刻或与亲人好友一起练习‘静’。每天十一分钟。
  • 情感上:慢慢深呼吸进入‘安静的空间’。与亲人好友分享及教育沉静的力量。
  • 实际上:在您的家里,办公室或学校中设置“安静的空间”。共享并邀请需要体验‘静’的人。在社交媒体等上或共享内容。
  • 财务方面:捐赠。加入计划和体验空间。支持产品(即将推出)。成为共同创建者(或合作伙伴),在您所在的地区实际创建“有间心坊”。

“As above, so below,

as within, so without,

as the universe, so the soul…”




Hermes Trismegistus


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