Know Your Noise

Day 13 on ‘Know Your Noise’ of “Silence & Sound” from Remembering Series {Listen to the audio] Do you know your noise? But first, what is noise to you? Noise It is considered as unpleasant sound or unwanted sound which is disruptive to hearing. In terms of communication, a noise is when it blocks sendingContinue reading “Know Your Noise”

Use Your Voice: Mantras & Chants

Day 12 on Use Your Voice: Mantras & Chants ‘ of “Silence & Sound” Chapterof Remembering Series [Listen to the audio here] How I fell in love with chanting My chanting journey begins with “Om Mani padme hum” where we chant when my grandparents passed away as a part of the ritual. Since young, seeingContinue reading “Use Your Voice: Mantras & Chants”

Use Your Voice

Day 11 on “Use Your Voice”of “Silence & Sound” Chapter From Remembering “Who Am I” Series [Listen to the audio here] Sound is used as a tool for healing, as previous post shared. One of the easiest method we can apply now is by using our voice. Something I am very passionate about, thus, IContinue reading “Use Your Voice”

Sound Healing

Day 10 on Sound Healing of “Silence & Sound” Chapte From Remembering “Who Am I” Series [Listen to the audio here] The depiction of the angelic song and dance in Milton’s epic 17th century poem Paradise Lost could be seen as indirectly describing this Pythagorean way of life: “That day, as other solemn days, they spentIn songContinue reading “Sound Healing”

Sound Technology Since Ancient Times

Day 9 on “Sound Technology Since Ancient Times” of “Silence & Sound” Chapter Of Remembering “Who Am I?” Series [Listen to the audio here – Correction: It is Day 9] Before that, what is Resonance? After an introduction of “what is sound”, here we look into the sound technology since ancient times. Before we diveContinue reading “Sound Technology Since Ancient Times”

What is Sound?

Day 8 on “What is Sound?” of “Silence & Sound” Chapter Of Remembering “Who Am I” Series {Listen to the audio here] Understanding What is Sound? It is said that sound is the source of all creation where sounds create light and forms. What exactly is sound? Sound is made of air molecules vibrating andContinue reading “What is Sound?”

Stories, Poems & Artworks of Silence

Day 7 – Stories, Poems & Artworks of Silence of “Sound & Silence’ Chapter Of ‘Remembering Who Am I’ Series [Listen to audio here] Silence can be a medicine or a weapon. You decide. After 6 sharing on the perspectives of silence, understanding the fears and blocks, on types of silence (& solitude), the viewpointContinue reading “Stories, Poems & Artworks of Silence”

Practice Silence in Daily Life

Day 6 – Practice Silence in Daily Life of “Sound & Silence” of Remembering ‘Who am I’ Series [Listen to the audio here] [Read the transcript here] Hello there, welcome to day 6 of ‘Silence and Sound’ chapter from the Remembering series. It is good to have you here. I hope you are well. ThisContinue reading “Practice Silence in Daily Life”

Fear & Blocks of Silence

Day 5 – Fear & Blocks Towards Silence of “Silence & Sound” Chapter of Remembering ‘Who Am I’ Series [Listen to audio here] [Read the transcript here]  Hello, this is day 5! Welcome to day 5 of “Silence and Sound” chapter of the “Remembering” Series. Today, we will be exploring our habits, our fears towardsContinue reading “Fear & Blocks of Silence”

Silence on Religion, World & Science

Day 4 of Silence on Religion, World & Science  of Remembering ‘Who am I’ Series  [Listen to audio here] [Read the transcript here] Hello there, welcome to the 4th day of “Silence & Sound’ of the Remembering ‘Who am I’ series. The last chapter, we talked about the types of silence and understanding what isContinue reading “Silence on Religion, World & Science”