Fear of Change

With the solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on the south node of the new moon, it brings out the shadows of the collective. The south node is about reviewing the past and getting tools from the lessons learnt from what we have been through. Therefore, today marks the first day of ‘Unspeakable Love’Continue reading “Fear of Change”

Time To Shine

When it is time to shine, you shine as bright as you can! Entering the Sagittarius season excites me to explore different adventures daily, be it from reading, watching, singing, cycling, walking, or meditating. With one intention, to explore different perspectives of life by expanding the horizon. With my Sagittarius rising, I am absolutely inContinue reading “Time To Shine”

Understand & Release Guilt

I had a powerful cleanse this morning, a huge outpour of tears and emotions knowing that I am not an outsider from the family group, after watching a video: [Hellinger Family Constellation Introduction with Emily Waymire, 2002} .. with a sense of belonging, I accepted myself as what is with my family lineage, I reclaimedContinue reading “Understand & Release Guilt”

7 Ways to Raise Energy Naturally

Listen to the audio here: [Transcript of the audio begin] Greetings, hello this is Abhya. This is a sharing of 7 ways to raise your energy naturally in daily life. This is ‘A Gift of Love’ which I would love to share with all of you, because, these are the 7 ways that helped meContinue reading “7 Ways to Raise Energy Naturally”

My Personal Stories on Silence 关于我沉默与‘静’的故事

[Listen to 13 mins Audio on Soundcloud] My First Silence: Well, I would say my first encounter of real silence & sound would be in the womb of my mom’s belly where heartbeat is the one constant beat between sound and silence for months. Moving to an Oppressive Silence: Throughout the growing journey, I learnedContinue reading “My Personal Stories on Silence 关于我沉默与‘静’的故事”

Welcome Note =)

Hi, this is Abhya! 你好,我是阿比亚! If we wish to have a harmony planet, what do we need? And what can we do about it? 如果我们想要一个和谐的世界,我们需要什么? 我们又能做什么呢? Welcome to A Quie Space! Where we re-attune harmony from within and build our own inner sanctuary.. ‘有间心坊’ 欢迎你! 让我们先自我和谐,建立内心的安全堡垒。。 Here we are co-creating a harmony Earth by first,Continue reading “Welcome Note =)”