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Hi, I’m Abhya. I spend most of my time with myself and in nature. Currently, committed to share on Remembering ‘Who Am I’ Series.

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分享名言 | 2 Reminders For Life

一个心血来潮的分享 Something Interesting I Wish To Share These two proverbs in Mandarin & I translated into English, enjoy. =) (PS: How I interpret it are recorded in the video below in bilingual) 1“心外無物,閑看庭前花開花落;去留無意,漫隨天外雲卷雲舒。 “The impermanence of life: ‘Everything changes and nothing lasts forever. ‘ 2“别人笑我太疯癫,我笑他人看不穿””While others are teasing at my madness, I am laughing at their…

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Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021

Welcoming September with a summary video of the past two months, where I spent more time outdoor, with my parents. If you want to see something green, yellow, and blue, watch the video below. =) You will see fruits, vegetables, humans, dogs, worms, sun, rain and mountains. All the essence of 2 months in 7…

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Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on

“Shadow owes its birth to light.” John Gay Based on my last Kombucha Talk discussion with Ca-Ryn on Reconnect & Recharge, we discussed about Shadow work, thus, I revisited some related sharing by Matias de Stefano on Here are some questions and answers based on Matias sharing which I resonated a lot, hope it…

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Given a choice, what would I choose? Plunge into the deep abyss of depression and try to survive in the realities that others created orgive myself a whole new meaning and create my own reality from that moment. Well, it is up to you. Cloudy When I feel low, down, and heavy, I would go…

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A Message From A Dark Aspect of Me

It is a rather interesting time for us now. Are you surfing the waves or engulf by it? Do you feel like you have lost control or have you reclaim your power? They say, it is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us. Do we understand that ‘Light’ consists of both light and…

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Not Easy, But Needed

Let’s go for a short and sweet post, on why is it important to know our truth and express it. Why is it not an easy path for most and a few gentle reminders I learned. First, do you know your truth? (A Note to self and note to those who feel resonate) “Forget about…

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