Fear of Change

With the solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on the south node of the new moon, it brings out the shadows of the collective. The south node is about reviewing the past and getting tools from the lessons learnt from what we have been through.

Therefore, today marks the first day of ‘Unspeakable Love’ on Fear.

Let’s start.

Unspeakable Love‘ is a series that we want to focus on reflecting our fear where people hardly talk about, it’s an unspoken love. Today’s focus is on change and letting go.

Some of us might have heard of this: “leaving the comfort zone is where the magic happens”. But I am afraid of change. And, afraid of letting go. It’s like I would rather sit on the couch in my own space binge-watching repeating movies and shows (comfort zone) rather than going outside to explore the unknown path (outside of comfort zone). Do you ever felt that?

“Ignorance is always afraid of change”.

Jawaharlal Nehru

Q: Why are we afraid of change?

Biologically speaking, looking back to the days where our ancestors were hunting food and running away from predators, that is a survival mechanism where the physical aspect of us, the body, what do its best to protect us from perceived danger. Therefore, it is common for us to activate the survival mode throughout the day due to the perceived dangers of stress and pressure.

But, when we are constantly triggered, the body sympathetic nervous system it’s activated to stay alert at all time. Our body is designed to reach homeostasis balance, when it is out of balance by prolonged fight-flight mode, chronic stress is created leading to all kinds of diseases.

Do you find yourself keep relieving the same emotions daily that does not serve your highest good? Don’t you find it heavy to carry all of the baggages that does not belong to you?

Now is the best time to be reflect:

What are you holding inside that you are afraid to change?

Try doing something that you have never done before like letting go. Only by walking to the edge of the bridge, taking the leap of faith, you will be able to experience the next step.

Maybe you will experience pain by facing what you have been denying yourself or facing past experiences which is hurtful. It is like walking through a dark tunnel searching for light. It is also like releasing the stones on your shoulder to fly higher. Maybe by then, you will feel lighter.

Only you will know what’s next once you experienced it.

May you enjoy the journey of letting go. May you experience the joy of embracing the unknown. May you release what doesn’t serve you and make space for new blessings to come. May you know that, you are enough.



Time To Shine

Sunset in my hometown – Gopeng

When it is time to shine, you shine as bright as you can!

Entering the Sagittarius season excites me to explore different adventures daily, be it from reading, watching, singing, cycling, walking, or meditating. With one intention, to explore different perspectives of life by expanding the horizon.

With my Sagittarius rising, I am absolutely in love with new discoveries and adventures daily. I am a seeker, an opportunist, a gambler. A freedom-loving and independent person where I cannot tolerate being caged or stay in the same secure little world for long. Thus, exploring is perfect!

What do you do to explore?

Recent days, I have been cycling, walking, climbing to see life in various angles and most importantly fulfil my social needs with others. Exchanging smiles with strangers would make me happy, that is how simple it is. Listening to the beezing sound of insects, chirping sound of birds, and the flowing sound of the river. Seeing how the wind blows on the tallest tress. Watching the sunsets and ever changing clouds. Touching the cold water streams and washing my face with it. Feeling the warmth of sun rays and the windy wind on my skin.

Such beauty.. ahhh I missed you so much!

Here am I, sharing the beauty of exploration and inviting you to explore too. In your own ways, as you know what best for you eh. Wishing we could enjoy the ride of December in 2020, so much so we hope for freedom, it starts from within.

You are always free~

Sharing my fun encounters in Chinese:



Understand & Release Guilt

I had a powerful cleanse this morning, a huge outpour of tears and emotions knowing that I am not an outsider from the family group, after watching a video: [Hellinger Family Constellation Introduction with Emily Waymire, 2002} .. with a sense of belonging, I accepted myself as what is with my family lineage, I reclaimed and honoured my brother who was miscarriage before my birth, I let go and carry on..

Here is a short sharing on Family constellation and guilt..

[Listen to the audio here:]

[Transcript begins]

Hello there, today is 30th November 2020, the last day of November. And also, today it’s a very special day because we have lunar eclipse tonight. And it’s full moon session, so it brings us into a very special day where we could utilise the full moon energy to release and let go energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, the things that has been that we have been holding back. And dive into the shadows and to see what we needed to release at this time today I want to share something about guilt and shame.

This morning as I was reading the blog post from “Yo Soy”, the topic is “Abortion” and the writer-Matias shared something about family constellations ,how one are affected by our family blueprint, our ancestors blueprint and it got me really curious so I went to check it out, to go into details, what really is family constellation, and to my surprise it is a very powerful healing therapy which I would recommend you to check it out if you have not experienced it yet. And it’s very much related to today’s topic about guilt and shame.

Now, just a bit of introduction about family constellation, it says that.. first, there are three orders of love and the first order of love is that everyone of us belong to a family group right, and we have this need of belonging to a group, a family group. And each of our family has a group soul.. family group soul, which is a Morphic field around us, the family members, linking us back to the ancestor lineage, to our dear ancestors and also to the upcoming generations. It links us as a field, so, when there is someone who feels that they are deviated.. they are not aligned with the group’s beliefs or visions, one would say or view themselves.. perceived themselves as the special one and the outsider, for the case of homosexual, for the case of leaving an abuse family, as in leaving from the group – the family group. And thus, that will create guilt, deep guilt. It also works for one who are growing, whoever who is growing there are a subtle or a little or a lot of guilt, from leaving from, deviating from the original group principal. Thus, guilt .. created from that, and, let me recall what it is..

In terms of.. let’s say, we put [an] example – homosexual, so when one like me, if I’m homosexual and I will perceived myself as.. someone [that] my family clan does not accept this preference, I would perceived myself as an outsider, and thus, this will disrupt the flow, and very interestingly, it is me who represent the whole family group to bring this issue, this topic, bring this to the light on the table, so that we could resolve this. Because this has happened before, this has happened in.. during one of my ancestors lineage. Ancestors includes uncle, aunties, grandmother, grandpa, and parents and the one before us. So very interestingly, I will be the representation of the family clan to resolve this issue, so that we [are] a whole. Yeah, so it’s very important for this family group to become whole again. And it’s also a very important to note that when I’m homosexual, it is not just my problem, it is from the family group, and.. I will take charge of my responsibility as well as the family group and what [can] the family group do to heal this for the group sake is to accept and love, and healing it.

Relating to guilt and shame, we understand the origin of the word guilt. Guilt came from, the meaning came from .. it means sin, we did something.. failure of a duty and is related to the violation of an internal standard, so therefore guilt [is] created. Well shame, the origin means cheek redness, it relates to the physiological responses when we did something that [is wrong].. the cheek will go red, so it relates to the violation of the community standards. It is very important for us to note that, to see that, because what we have been denying, it always remains in the shadow.

It is a good time for us, let’s take it step by step, think of it this way. Let’s say, you live in a castle, and behind one closed door, you hear noises, you become very afraid of this door and then the room behind it, even to the extend that you walk a long round, just to pass it, because we don’t want to touch this, this is scary, this room. In the mind, this room could contain all manner of evil and bad things, eventually the presence of this room and the unknown sounds come from it became.. begins to haunt you. You know that your entire life, you think of this room is haunted, and you are now trapped. You never show this castle- this room to your guests and even deny its existence. As time goes by, this room contains increasingly camouflage and clouded energy. The more.. because there is a burden of telling more and more lies that weighs you down and you need to create more and more stories to cover the presence of the room. Until you became exhausted and you can’t do it longer, what the stories that you have been telling yourself does not work.. it no longer satisfy, it’s no longer .. going to crack the the film script that we have written so far.

So the pain of living an inauthentic live in which the truth of who we are suppressed, we give in, we give the power to it.. yeah, just give the power until that we have no choice to look into the room of horrors. And going through the hallway towards the room it’s very frightful, because there might be monsters, that is what the mind perceived. What did you find when you go to the room? Instead of monster, we find a little boy or a little girl, sit in a very lonely room, bouncing ball against the wall hoping that someone will notice. Freedom from guilt, to have freedom from guilt is really to enter this room, to go into this room and all the lies and all the smoke screen shatter..will shatter. It is not comfortable because it is very frightening. But, we are not here to ask for comfortable, we are here to ask for freedom.

And a very interesting way that I found from family constellation way of to release, a reflect upon the guilt is, to ask this question:how have you grown in this life? To understand the guilt is the price we pay in order to grow, yeah, [how] we hold guilt with dignity, we honour ourselves along the way where we have come today.

The question is, what have you had to leave behind in order to grow ? Who have you left in order to move on? Were there feelings of guilt when you did? If there is someone from your past with whom you have carried guilty feelings, recall the events surrounding the situation and the person(s) involves. Breath for a several a few breaths, slowing down your body and mind. Quietly, thank them for the time that you have spent together, as well as what you have learned from the relationship. Honouring them and yourself for all the each experience during the relationship. In the mind you say to them : “I will take the gift of this relationship and the knowledge that I gained and build upon it.” “I am moving on with my life in a different way. Thank you.” Over the next few minutes, imagine this person’s image fading away. Consider practicing this practice.. this exercise for a number of times for a several days if needed until you feel completely complete..yeah. This is from The Constellation Approach.

So this is what I wanted to share for today and happy full moon.. yeah happy lunar eclipse if you are to able to witness this beautiful eclipse. And may what your heart’s desires be fulfilled, may you release what doesn’t serve you. Thank you.

[Transcript Ends]


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Enjoy the moon,


7 Ways to Raise Energy Naturally

Dancing at Batu Caves, KL

Listen to the audio here:

[Transcript of the audio begin]

Greetings, hello this is Abhya. This is a sharing of 7 ways to raise your energy naturally in daily life. This is ‘A Gift of Love’ which I would love to share with all of you, because, these are the 7 ways that helped me in raising my own energy naturally in daily lives. It’s very very very easy to apply, just note that this is not a quick fix solution, like one time of solution. But it’s more like the things that we can practice during the day, everyday, so that is subsequently increase and raise our energy over the days, and eventually we will reach that the energy [level] that we desired.

Okay, so let’s move to the first the first way so how to naturally raise energy. I think the first and the most important, yet the simplest way is trough breathing- deep breath. So let’s try by inhaling deep into your belly and exhaling from your belly. Ahh.. So by inhaling deeper into your belly you are inhaling more oxygen to your cells and subsequently you’ll have more energy, right? So, the practice that I practiced is called 3-3-6-3 technique. I learned it from my Master Sifu in Qigong, it’s very easy to remember. First, let’s do it together. When we breathe in, breathe in at the count of three seconds: 1-2-3 breathing in; and hold for 3 seconds: 1-2-3; and out-exhale in 6 seconds: 1-2-3-4-5-6; and then we hold for 3 seconds: 1-2-3. So, there is the count of 3-3-6-3. Inhale 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds, and hold for another 3 seconds. So this is one technique which you can remind yourself whenever you feel like you need more energy, try this 3-3-6-3 technique. Alright?

So let’s move on to the second technique. The second is called.. it’s what we eat, by eating ‘live’ food. What do you mean by ‘live’? ‘Live’ means something that is not dead, so what’s the difference? For example, ‘live’ food are raw fruits, food, colourful plants, and ‘dead’ food are those which are processed food, can food, tin food, man-made food, so that’s the difference between the ‘live’ and processed food. Because, we are what we eat, you are what you eat basically, so simple. What are the practice[s] that we can do is eat colourful, ‘live’, raw food. There are some studies or some people claimed that eating plant based food or with intermittent fasting will eventually gain more energy. And that works for me too. Because everyone is different, I would advise you to experience and experiment it yourself, does it work for you. And, also one thing, [is] to limit process food, probably shift and exchange processed food into more colourful ‘live’ fruits [and] food. So, that’s for the second.

And, the third way is [hahaha] – sing out loud. What we going to do is just singing out loud wherever you are, maybe when you’re alone in the car, in the bathroom, in your homeroom, just sing your favourite rhythms, your favourite songs because when we sing, the energy is moving in circular inside the body. So.. because when we feel sluggish or tired, it means there is a stagnant of.. or certain energy blockage inside the body. When we sing, there is a circulation, there is a movement, thus energy keeps going on. So that’s for the third one.

What about the fourth one? The fourth one is to – Move Your Body. This is one common thing that we all know, moving our body will boost our energy. And, [it] is the same as singing, it will cause.. create a circulation of energy within the body, so, one thing that we can do, simply, just by shaking the body for at least a minute. You can even do it now, by shaking your hands, shaking your legs and just bouncing, and just allow this energy flow. There are a lot of practices like Qigong, dance, martial arts, for lymphatic movement, there are a lot of, even yoga they have this special technique it’s called – shaking. Just by shaking and imagine you’re shaking the stress off the body.

And, moving on to the fifth way, for me, is to practice pause. That means, take a break. Because when we take a break, it maximise[s] our productivity. And when you search, check this out called – Ultradian Rhythm, where our body, our mind.. the mind focus at most at about at a certain minutes, if I am not wrong, it’s either 25 to 40 minutes.. 45 minutes, and we needed a rest, probably 5-minute rest up to 20 minutes rest to refocus again, and that works the best for the mind. And, that’s how we create, that’s how the body resets the mind and body, in terms of productivity, in terms of energy. So, check that up, so what we can do to practice this? Is by setting timer, let’s say we are working right, we set a timer for 25 minutes, and then, as a start, pause and break for 5 minutes, and continue to focus for 25 minutes [then] pause for 5 minutes, and continue the third cycle – work for 25 minutes and pause for 5 minutes. And after 3 sets, you will rest for 20 minutes. And slowly we can have our work time increase up to 40 minutes. So that is one good tip that I am.. I love it, that I am practicing as well.

Moving on to the next, the sixth ways to raise the energy is by giving and sharing. It is what I am doing right now. When we give, we receive at the same time. This [is] one part of the law of the Universe, because what you give is what you receive. [The] law of effect. So, by giving energy, you will receive energy; by giving love, you will receive love. What we can do to practice is by giving compliments, the easiest thing is to give compliments, to give hugs, to give all the kind words, warmth, blessings, probably gift, and some of the wisdom, if people ask for it. So that is one way, very interesting, that is one way to gain more energy as well. It is just purely by giving.

And the last one, the last tip that I have is – to be grateful. To focus on this ‘grateful’ point because gratitude is the highest vibration there is. So by practicing gratitude, be thankful for what you had, what you have, and what [is] coming to you, you will be able to instantly raise that energy.. the frequency. If you know that different emotions have different frequencies, there is a map here [shared below]. ‘Love’ and ‘gratitude’ [are] the .. one of the top emotions that [have] the highest frequency. So, whenever you feel like nothing is moving [or] going well, what we can do is, to turn into gratitude. To count your blessings. So my question to you is, now, what are you grateful for today? What is the one reason that make you smile today?

So, here we are, the 7 ways to raise your energy, from the first is – deep breath [inhale-exhale], and second, eating.. eat more ‘live’ food. The third is, Sing, Sing Out Loud~ The fourth is to Move Your Body. And, fifth is to practice pause. And, sixth, is to give and share. And last[ly], the seventh, is to be grateful. Remember, everything is energy and that is all there is to it. It is a quote shared by Albert Einstein. To match the frequency of what the reality want is. Because, I personally would love to advise and suggest you, to search more about this called “the law of resonance”, by resembling this frequency, you will [be]. By being grateful, you are grateful. Do you get what I mean? So yeah, find out more and I hope this serves you well. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful good life.


The Emotions Chart shared by Aaron Doughty:

Receive the PDF version here:



My Personal Stories on Silence 关于我沉默与‘静’的故事

Tirtah Quddus Farm, Pahang

[Listen to 13 mins Audio on Soundcloud]

My First Silence:

Well, I would say my first encounter of real silence & sound would be in the womb of my mom’s belly where heartbeat is the one constant beat between sound and silence for months.

Moving to an Oppressive Silence:

Throughout the growing journey, I learned to be in silence in an oppressive way where to be loved and accepted by loved ones, I chose to cry in silence after certain episodes of life. I chose to be in silent after hearing arguments to not cause trouble. Sometimes, I chose to be alone when I am terribly mad and kept hitting the wall out of frustrations. The truth is, I did not know how to express such emotions properly in way that does not hurt myself and others at that time. So, I slowly learned to keep things to myself most of the time.

My Fear of Silence:

I was afraid of silence since young, I was super afraid of being alone at home where I would lock myself in the room, check the gap of the door to see if there were any shadows passing by. The mind imagination has run wild, I remember I was even scared of my own closet, thinking if monsters will come out from the closet door. Thus, I constantly keep the TV or radio on to keep my accompany when I was alone.

The Sound of the Huge Bell:

It was during my first visit to a temple in Korea, I recalled there was a huge bell, as someone ring the bell, the vibration of the bell woke me up as if the such vibration stroke straight to every cells in my heart space. Tears were flowing down on my face – there was a sense of familiarity yet touching. It was 8 years ago (in 2012) and since then, the sound of bell engrave inside the Heart of mine. Silence has been a good friend I am always looking for. Yet, at times, I would avoid it..

The first 10 days of Noble Silence:

Moving to 4 years ago (in 2016), I experienced a Noble Silence of 10 days with Vipassana meditation. That is where I get to taste a minimum silence from the external noise and focus on the internal silence. That is where the observation of thoughts and sensations practice begin.

The Starting of Joy of Silence:

With the guidance of Eckhart Tolle’s book – “A New Earth”, this was the starting point of experiencing the joy of silence. Thus, I am forever grateful for such creation and space plus the heartfelt guidance of the teachers.

My First meditation experience:

Mostly Vipassana breathing technique, feeling the sensations, and some guided versions, I started to cultivate a habit of observing of the mind activities, letting it come and go, those were the conscious moment. I felt peaceful and calm. With time, it has changes my way of responding to certain emotions like anger.

A Confession:

On the flip side, there were many unconscious time, where I would delve in the thoughts of the past and future, re-engage my habits of thinking thus lead to repeated behaviour which would considered as unhealthy behaviours and addictions such as binge watching and eating.

Seeking to Maintain the practice:

Since 2016, I have had the record of practising silence or meditation, for months but it often did not sustain for more than a year, especially when I was out of home or a change of environment. I would forgo the practice and then at certain point, I would resume the practice. So, with different trials and errors on various meditations I have been experiencing (both active and passive meditation), I have been seeking for a solution, a way for me to maintain it as my daily practice. With the initiative of ‘Reconnect & Recharge’ with my partner of creation – Ca-Ryn since 2016, I learned that – to connect and relate to others, I need to connect and relate to myself first. That’s the first step.

Now? So far so good:

Thanks to the global pandemic in 2020, during the first few months of lockdown, I was at home hosting and attending online sessions. Thanks to a relationship which led to a break-up during the Spring season, I started to re-read Dr Joe Dispenza books I have paused for a long time: “Breaking The Habit of Becoming Yourself” and “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon” – I discovered and learned about how the brain works plus with certain elevated emotions, we can transform, to be in a new state of being. With Dr Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations (thanks to Lee who shared most of the meditations), I was able to maintain the practice of meditation before sleep and after awake since July 2020.

After 4 months, now, I have shifting from guided meditation to meditate from inner guidance, much thanks to the daily alignment of Yo Soy guided by Matias De Stephano. My days has not gone through like what I wish to be, I am diving deep to understand my blocks (emotional baggages) and working to align daily. Restarting, resetting – every day.

You are invited:

With patience and practice, I invite you, and welcome your presence to practice daily silence (and expression) to co-create a collective balance habit of silence and expression.

Links to Meditation, People & Books mentioned:
-> Vipassana meditation;
-> Eckhart Tolle‘s book – “A New Earth”;
-> Dr Joe Dispenza books: “Breaking The Habit of Becoming Yourself” & “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon”.
-> Yosoy.red Alignment guided by Matias De Stephano

My co-creation:

-> ‘Reconnect & Recharge‘ with Ca-Ryn
-> Daily Silence

Take care!
– Abhya –


Boh Tea, Cameron Highlands






第一个寂静的十天:在4年前(2016年),我通过内观禅修经历了十天的寂静- 不言不语。那是我第一次在没有噪声的自然环境中,专注于内部清静。这就是我学习观察思想和身体自觉感应的时候。

寂静之乐的开始:在埃克哈特·托勒(Eckhart Tolle)的著作《新世界》的指导下,与内观的历练,这是体验寂静之乐的起点。因此,我永远感谢各位老师们的创造以及的衷心的指导。



寻求保持练习方式:自从2016年以来,我有几个月的练习静默或冥想的记录,但通常并不能维持很长时间,尤其是当我出门在外或环境变化时。我会放弃练习,然后在某个时候恢复练习。由于我对各种冥想(主动和被动冥想)都经历了不同的试验和尝试,我一直在寻找一个方案,可以将其作为日常练习的一种方式。也自2016年,在我与创作伙伴Ca-Ryn的“Reconnect & Recharge”创作中,我学会了,如果要与他人建立联系,我需要首先与自己建立关系。这是第一步。

现在?有待进步:由于2020年的全球全球流感,在封锁时刻的前几个月里,我在家中主持和参加在线会议。也因我当时的伴侣分离,我开始重新阅读已经停顿了很长时间的书,作者是喬.迪斯本札博士(Dr Joe Dispenza),书名:”未來預演:啟動你的量子改變“ 和“开启你的惊人天赋:科学证实你能活出极致美好的人生状态” – 我发现并更加了解了大脑的运作(意向)以及提高的情绪,经过冥想,我们可以转变为新的状态。以喬.迪斯本札博士(Dr Joe Dispenza) 的指导冥想(感谢分享了大部分冥想的Lee),从2020年7月开始我已保持在睡眠前和清醒后的冥想习惯。四个月后,现在我已从指导冥想转向来自内部指导冥想,这要归功于马蒂亚斯(Matias De Stephano)指导的Yo Soy‘我是’的每日调整。我的日子并不是天天如我所愿,我也正在深入了解我自己(恐惧以及情绪上的负担),每日二‘静’,每天重新开始。


-> 十天的内观静坐 (Vipassana Meditation);
-> 埃克哈特·托勒(Eckhart Tolle)的《新世界》(A New Earth);
-> 喬.迪斯本札博士(Dr Joe Dispenza)- 书名:”未來預演:啟動你的量子改變“ (Breaking the Habit of Becoming Yourself) 和“开启你的惊人天赋:科学证实你能活出极致美好的人生状态” (Becoming Supernatural);
-> 马蒂亚斯(Matias De Stephano)指导的Yo Soy‘我是’的每日调整

-> Reconnect & Recharge (与创作伙伴Ca-Ryn)
-> 每日一’静‘ (Daily Silence)


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