Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021

Welcoming September with a summary video of the past two months, where I spent more time outdoor, with my parents. If you want to see something green, yellow, and blue, watch the video below. =) You will see fruits, vegetables, humans, dogs, worms, sun, rain and mountains. All the essence of 2 months in 7Continue reading “Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021”

Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on Yosoy.red)

“Shadow owes its birth to light.” John Gay Based on my last Kombucha Talk discussion with Ca-Ryn on Reconnect & Recharge, we discussed about Shadow work, thus, I revisited some related sharing by Matias de Stefano on Yosoy.red. Here are some questions and answers based on Matias sharing which I resonated a lot, hope itContinue reading “Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on Yosoy.red)”

A Message From A Dark Aspect of Me

It is a rather interesting time for us now. Are you surfing the waves or engulf by it? Do you feel like you have lost control or have you reclaim your power? They say, it is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us. Do we understand that ‘Light’ consists of both light andContinue reading “A Message From A Dark Aspect of Me”

Not Easy, But Needed

Let’s go for a short and sweet post, on why is it important to know our truth and express it. Why is it not an easy path for most and a few gentle reminders I learned. First, do you know your truth? (A Note to self and note to those who feel resonate) “Forget aboutContinue reading “Not Easy, But Needed”

Out of Comfort Zone in May & June 2021

The Latest Update I have been out of the blog since May until June as I went out of my nest (hometown) to the city (Kuala Lumpur) for human connection and exchange with new experiences. With the intention of finding inspiration and opportunities to learn and share with others. Thus, most of my attention areContinue reading “Out of Comfort Zone in May & June 2021”

Anger & Forgiveness

My personal sharing on the relationship with anger and forgiveness I am a person who find it difficult to show my anger towards others. When I learned that real forgiveness can be used with anger to restore our violated boundary, I am most delighted to set my anger free. Especially on my past events whereContinue reading “Anger & Forgiveness”

I Feel Stuck: Uncovering 10 Patterns

I hope this serves you in allowing yourself to feel and let the feelings to come through, then let it go. Do you feel stuck? Living the same routine daily and feeling the same emotions. You are not alone. I have been feeling this urge of ‘escapism’ from feeling stuck within for months, knowing whyContinue reading “I Feel Stuck: Uncovering 10 Patterns”


After the alignment and meditation during midnight, this morning, purging happens almost 10 times to the loo. I guess that’s cleansing for me. Now, when we talk about responsibility, what is responsibility to you? In general, it might bring a heavier weight on this word, responsibility might perceived as burdens to carry. Let’s see takingContinue reading “Responsibility”


The Void within Some says, not all of us are here to be understood. And, not all our loved ones will grow with us. That’s what I deeply resonate with. Especially when I am in solitude. Being in the neutral state, not overjoying, not depressing. With no need of external stimuli, I am. What areContinue reading “Solitude”