3 Side Effects of Solitude

The Void within Some says, not all of us are here to be understood. And, not all our loved ones will grow with us. That’s what I deeply resonate with. Especially when I am in solitude. Being in the neutral state, not overjoying, not depressing. With no need of external stimuli, I am. What areContinue reading “3 Side Effects of Solitude”

Emotions 理解情绪

Have you tried acknowledging your emotions when it arises and let it go through its cycle? What do you do to express emotions healthily? [Listen to Audio in English] on 3 Important Tips on Dealing with Emotions to find out. This audio shared about dealing with emotions with 3 important tips. There is a hugeContinue reading “Emotions 理解情绪”

Fear of Change

With the solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on the south node of the new moon, it brings out the shadows of the collective. The south node is about reviewing the past and getting tools from the lessons learnt from what we have been through. Therefore, today marks the first day of ‘Unspeakable Love’Continue reading “Fear of Change”