Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021

Welcoming September with a summary video of the past two months, where I spent more time outdoor, with my parents. If you want to see something green, yellow, and blue, watch the video below. =) You will see fruits, vegetables, humans, dogs, worms, sun, rain and mountains. All the essence of 2 months in 7Continue reading “Home & Garden Update in July & August 2021”

Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on Yosoy.red)

“Shadow owes its birth to light.” John Gay Based on my last Kombucha Talk discussion with Ca-Ryn on Reconnect & Recharge, we discussed about Shadow work, thus, I revisited some related sharing by Matias de Stefano on Yosoy.red. Here are some questions and answers based on Matias sharing which I resonated a lot, hope itContinue reading “Q&A on Shadow & Light (Based on Yosoy.red)”

Not Easy, But Needed

Let’s go for a short and sweet post, on why is it important to know our truth and express it. Why is it not an easy path for most and a few gentle reminders I learned. First, do you know your truth? (A Note to self and note to those who feel resonate) “Forget aboutContinue reading “Not Easy, But Needed”

Out of Comfort Zone in May & June 2021

The Latest Update I have been out of the blog since May until June as I went out of my nest (hometown) to the city (Kuala Lumpur) for human connection and exchange with new experiences. With the intention of finding inspiration and opportunities to learn and share with others. Thus, most of my attention areContinue reading “Out of Comfort Zone in May & June 2021”

Survival and Creation Mode

Chap 2 – Day 2 of Remembering “Who am I” series [Transcript from audio] Hello there, welcome to [the] 2nd chapter called “Survival and Creation mode”. Today we will be going through and to understand what is survival mode and creation mode, and how can we shift from survival to creation. The first chapter talkContinue reading “Survival and Creation Mode”

Open Letter to My 30 Year Old Self

I have just turned 30 years old few days back and have been working on embracing all aspects of self. Upon my recent reflections, my biggest lessons & discoveries so far have been from my past intimate relationships! Then, I wonder why am I still running away from love? I wonder what are my relationshipsContinue reading “Open Letter to My 30 Year Old Self”