I Am A Multidimensional Being

Where We are Remembering Who We Are

Especially useful for Human Beings who are looking to expand and ascend

Learn & share insights about our multidimensional aspects from vibration, sacred geometries, and the Universe.

What is ‘I Am A Multidimensional Being’?

We are multidimensional beings and this is a space where we are Remembering who we are. Discovering perspectives on the Laws of Universe, Sacred Geometries, Constellations, Vibration, Sound, and Polarities.

For more details, do visit our blog on ‘Silence & Sound’ Chapter & ‘Meditations & Flow’ Chapter.

Explore ‘Meditation’ & ‘Sound’

Discover how we can dive deeper as a Multidimensional Being with Meditation & Sound.

What can we do now? You are invited to take 30 minutes to meditate in a day. You are also invited to take 30 minutes daily to express yourself via sound by humming or singing.

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