I Am Human

Where We are Learning to be Human

Especially useful for Light workers who are looking to ground themselves in the physical world

Learn new insights about our body, emotion, mental, relationships, and Earth with food plus natural elements to ground ourselves to Here & Now.

What is ‘I Am Human’?

‘Human’ comes from the Latin ‘humanus’, meaning “man,” and humus, meaning “earth.” This is a space where we explore our human aspect of self, from the physical body (organs, brain) to emotion (heart’s intelligence) to mental (thoughts) and to Earth + Natural Elements.

For more details, do visit our blog on ‘Emotions’ & ‘Relationships’ Chapters.

Explore ‘Silence + Expressions’

Discover how we can connect deeper as a Human Being with Silence & Express ourselves from our Divine Nature.

What can we do now? You are invited to take 30 minutes Silence a day to do nothing and just observe life as it is. You are also invited to take 30 minutes to Express yourself daily to explore.

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