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This is an invitation to invite you and those who might be interested to experience eating in silence to ease our relationship with food and body.

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Fast-Pace Autopilot Mindless Eating

In today’s fast-paced society, we are given a lot of choices in food, plus with distractions which shifted the attention away from the food experience to the screen experience. Since then, eating has become a mindless quick act. And it takes up to 20 minutes for us to realise we are full. If we eat in fast pace, we might overeat as we have not receive the fullness signal.

Most of us are in autopilot mode where we consume food without being aware of what is being taken in and how does the body experience it. It is common to observe in any restaurant where people reaching for their phone, scrolling and unaware of the surroundings, when the food comes, we rush it in, stuff some food in, with some conversations or distractions, only to realise that the plate is empty. Sometimes, we even forgot what we had earlier.

Mindful + Silent Eating

What if we all had an opportunity to practice truly tasting our food and eating in a slower manner, without the automatic conversational energy and habitual screen-rolling going on at the table?

Mindful eating gives full attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues when eating. When we eat mindfully, it increases our awareness as we bring our attention back to the food and slow down the process. We will then realise our triggers of wanting to eating by giving them space in between. This allows us to choose how to react between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

Eating in Silence create an opportunity for people who wish to really taste their food and savour the experience of a meal in silence. This is for those who choose to experience eating in silence which is an alternative way to enjoy food which you might not have otherwise. One way to practice the art of conscious living. When we are conscious of what we are eating, we listen to our body more and therefore it is more likely to go for healthier options and know when to stop eating when we are full.

This is an invitation for you and those who might be interested to eat one meal in silence. Why not give it a try?

We might just transform our habits with one mindful meal at a time.

Start Here

If you are inspired to experience a mindful and silent meal at home:

Start with one type of food to eat mindfully. Notice the food, observe it, put it near to our ear, smell it, giving thanks to it and the people who was involved in making the food available, and finally put it into our mouth without chewing. Notice how the body welcomes the food, how the salivary glands begin to secrete juices in anticipation to digest the food. As you chew the food and swallow it, notice how does the body feels as it comes down.

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If you would love to experience a mindful and silent meal:

Experience Mindful + Silent Eating

Experience and explore:

  • Eating slowly & silently by focusing on the food and the body, without distraction
  • Listening to your body’s needs or emotional needs
  • Appreciating your food

May we cultivate more awareness and mindfulness in our relationship with food and body.

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Hi, I’m Abhya, a plant-based and a nature lover who guide people to express their Divine Nature and enjoy the bliss of silence. 

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