Physical Space


Let’s create a Sacred Home on Earth

The intention is to expand consciousness via centres, explore ways to set up resonant personal sacred space, as well as explore various alternative sustainable lifestyle.

“The Piscean Age (age of the disciple) is ending as the age of Aquarius (embodiment of spirit) is being born.”

In the past, people are united with the same philosophical vision with communism and community, in this age of Aquarius, we are looking to strengthen individuality and development in networks as life is a deep interdependence. May this be a journey to create a life worth living starting from individual – us.

Ways of Creation

Temple &

Sacred Place

Explore how we expand consciousness to the Human Network via temples and religious centres wherever you go

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Home &


Explore how we may design space to generate a unique resonant environment where the laws of Nature are amplified

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Sustainable &


Explore multiple-purpose (or hybrid) concept for flexibility and explore various alternative sustainable lifestyles

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Explore More

Daily Simple Steps

Step-by-step guide to expand consciousness & create sacred space

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Mindset & Perception

Some insights on the perspectives at the Age of Aquarius

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ABHYA’S Special

Create Experience & Activate Space

I love to create ‘Magickaland + Wonderland’ experiences in nature. As well as activating space (or pop-up) for recentering-stillness, for creation-expression movement, and for reconnection with nature.

More coming soon


“The ideas of communities arose in the age of Aries (4000 years ago until 2000 years ago), where minority groups created their own identity trying to overcome others. The age of Pisces delivered another vision to communities, which went beyond the ego’s quest for survival, to transcendence into the divine. Communities became a kind of paradise of containment and dreams where individuals could feel loved in the hope of reaching a shared Heaven together.

But this era is over, and as much as many continue to try to achieve those Arian-Piscean communities, the energy of the Aquarian age invites us to transcend the communities of clans and philosophies, to go to the practicality of innovation in networks, where the Communities are virtually intertwined, sharing tools, not ideas, sharing in online communities, outside of a specific physical space. Networks in which individuals contribute, and not groups. Where nations are concepts of the past, where symbols are mere decorations, and the sense of belonging is transcended to belonging to a sense.”

YOSOY – Matias de Stephano

Let’s create something beautiful together.

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