Silence & Sound Introduction

Free Introduction: Silence & Sound For Inner Harmony

The goal is to invite you to explore silence and express ourselves daily.

This introduction focuses on exploring silence & sound where you will..

Discover new perspectives & myths;

Discover the fear & blockages of silence;

Discover the power of silence, sound and impact of noise;

Discover simple practices to invite silence into daily life.

[Watch the Introduction here]

*Note: there are Changes on the details on long term plan at the end*

Thank you for watching and being here.

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How helpful is this introduction on Silence & Sound?

[Explore 21 days of Silence & Sound]

Discover 21 Days of Silence & Sound:

Deepen connection with self with the art of silence;

Explore ways to slow down your active mind by slowing down brain waves;

Explore ways to ease the body stress responses via silence and sound;

Strengthen your core by inviting presence;

Reclaim inner power by shifting learned behaviour (habits) to new practices;

Understand your fear or resistance towards silence and own it;

Take charge in life by making active changes;

and may this be the first baby steps leading to retune harmony from within.

Why should you explore silence & sound with me?

Especially during this time of isolation, we are experiencing the fear of the unknown. This is one opportunity to knowing how to utilise silence and sound as tools to manage our emotions and thoughts. Knowing simple steps to ease the body and slow down the mind. Why not explore? 

Read my personal story on embracing silence

Your Guide: Abhya Pan Vic Qi
Your Guide: Abhya Pan Vic Qi

A seeker and a co-creator of life. A guide to use silence and sound as a tool to express ourselves.

Now enter that silence.
This is the surest way
to lose yourself. . . .

What is your life about, anyway?—
Nothing but a struggle to be someone,
Nothing but a running from your own silence.

Lose yourself – Rumi

Let’s explore something beautiful together.

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