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Life goes beyond fitting in and surviving, the conscious search begins, start questioning. This is a space to explore, relearn, and practice silence & sound.

‘Silence & Sound’ Chapter

Welcome to “Silence & Sound”, this chapter is created to re-educate silence and sound for inner harmony. With ONE goal which is to invite people to experience silence and express ourselves daily.

We aim to re-educate silence and sound with new perspectives and experiential learning, first, by understanding then practicing to building and sharing.

Online Experience

Silence & Sound Free Introduction

Discover new perspectives and simple practices

With Silence & Sound in 58 minutes

21 Days of Silence & Sound

Discover the Art Silence & Sound

For Inner Harmony In 21 days

Silence & Sound KeyNotes

Get 66-page KeyNotes of ‘Sound & Silence’

Practice Sound & Silence for inner harmony

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Offline Experience

Open for individual or group booking , kindly connect Abhya for details

Silence & Sound Experiential Learning

To reclaim our attention with silence and re-harmonise with sound.

Potential Benefits:

  • Explore new perspectives on the art of silence, the power of sound & discover blockages & fears
  • Slow down brainwaves (mind)
  • Time for self-reflection & silence
  • Allow body to restore & heal with more silence into daily life

What might happen? Learning. Practice. Reflection. Silence. Sing. Chant. Share. Build.


  • Part 1 – Understanding Silence & Sound + Prolong Effect of Stress
  • Part 2 – Practice Silence & Sound
  • Part 3 – Build Inner Sanctuary & Outer Sanctuary
  • Part 4 – Share Silence, Space & Re-Educate

Period: 1 day (5 hours) – 14 days – 21 days (online)

  • 1 day (5 hours)
  • 2 Weeks with 3 hours each day

Silence & Flow Experiential Learning

An experiential learning to free-flow movement and silence.

Potential Benefits:

  • Dissolve tension, release emotions
  • Activate parasympathetic nervous system & lymphatic system
  • Signal brain to slow & calm down
  • Generate energy & strength
  • Self acceptance with confidence
  • Connection with self & others

What might happen? Conscious Breath. Stretch. Shake. Stand. Walk. Slow hand movement. Sing. Dance. Stillness. Silence. Journal. Draw. Body Tap. Massage.


  • 3 hours Offline experience
    • One-off (stages: wilting-falling – rooting – rising – blooming)
  • 4-Week – 3 hours (With Universal Flower theme)
    • 1st stage – seed
    • 2nd – growth
    • 3rd – flowering + reproduce
    • 4th – seed + death

About Me

Hi, I’m Abhya Pan Vic Qi, I love to create experience for people to be in silence and flow.

Educating and sharing the bliss of silence, the power of sound, and the art of flow.

Meanwhile creating space for silence and expressions wherever I go. Read more

Let’s co-create

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