Silence on Religion, World & Science

Day 4 of Silence on Religion, World & Science  of Remembering ‘Who am I’ Series  [Listen to audio here] [Read the transcript here] Hello there, welcome to the 4th day of “Silence & Sound’ of the Remembering ‘Who am I’ series. The last chapter, we talked about the types of silence and understanding what isContinue reading “Silence on Religion, World & Science”

Types of Silence (and What is Solitude?)

Day 3 – Understanding types of silence & what is solitude of Remembering “Who am I” Series From the last chapter, we understand that silence is an inward focused awareness and outward stillness where you watch, think and listen to the world around you. This chapter we explores -What are the different types of silence? WhatContinue reading “Types of Silence (and What is Solitude?)”

What is Silence? On Different Perspectives

Day 2 on “Silence & Sound” Chapter of Remembering “Who Am I” Series [Listen to audio here] [Read the transcript below] Hello there! Welcome to the second day of the Silence and Sound chapter. This time I decided to record it, video, audio and speech notes as well. Let’s do this! Today we will beContinue reading “What is Silence? On Different Perspectives”

Why is Silence & Sound important?

Day 1 of “Silence & Sound” Chapter of Remembering “Who Am I” Series [Listen to audio here]  [Read the transcript here]  Hello there welcome to day one of the first chapter – Silence and Sound. Today we will be going to understand what are the importance of and why is it important for us toContinue reading “Why is Silence & Sound important?”

3 Side Effects of Solitude

The Void within Some says, not all of us are here to be understood. And, not all our loved ones will grow with us. That’s what I deeply resonate with. Especially when I am in solitude. Being in the neutral state, not overjoying, not depressing. With no need of external stimuli, I am. What areContinue reading “3 Side Effects of Solitude”