3 Simple Coherent Practices

Chap 4 – Day 4 – 3 Simple Coherent Practices “Remembering” Series [Transcript from the audio] Hello hello, welcome to the day 4 of the introduction week of “Remembering” series. It started to rain at this moment of the time and I hope you’re doing well. Alright, so today we are going to do aContinue reading “3 Simple Coherent Practices”

“Who are You?” The 3 Perspectives

Chap 3 – Day 3- Understanding 3 Perspectives of Who Are You?Of the Remembering “Who am I” series [Read the transcript here:] Hello there, welcome to day 3 on “Remembering”. Now, this first 7 days we will be introducing “who am I” by taking baby steps to understand ourselves before we enter into the firstContinue reading ““Who are You?” The 3 Perspectives”

Survival and Creation Mode

Chap 2 – Day 2 of Remembering “Who am I” series [Transcript from audio] Hello there, welcome to [the] 2nd chapter called “Survival and Creation mode”. Today we will be going through and to understand what is survival mode and creation mode, and how can we shift from survival to creation. The first chapter talkContinue reading “Survival and Creation Mode”

Prolong Stress Effects on Body, Mind & Heart

Chap 1 – Day 1 of Remembering “Who am I” series- The Prolong Stress Effects on Body, Mind & Heart [Transcript from audio] Hi welcome to the first day of the first chapter, on Remembering “who am I” series. Today we will be talking about stress. Now, what is stress? How do you know whenContinue reading “Prolong Stress Effects on Body, Mind & Heart”