After the alignment and meditation during midnight, this morning, purging happens almost 10 times to the loo. I guess that’s cleansing for me.

Now, when we talk about responsibility, what is responsibility to you?

In general, it might bring a heavier weight on this word, responsibility might perceived as burdens to carry. Let’s see taking responsibility in a another way, when we take full responsibility by knowing who you are, deciding how you feel, how you think leading to deciding how you act. Meaning, to take charge fully by taking action in the coherence becoming the creator of our own freedom.

Response + ability = Responsibility => The ability to response

In the past years, we have been taught to wait and educated that a saviour would come to save us, and so we expected a saviour or external organisation to make changes. Yet when things doesn’t go as we desired, we would blame the address for not doing a good job. That’s when we give our power away for the others to decide on our safety, our happiness and our fulfillment. It seems that is always someone’s fault but never ours to take.

When you take full responsibility on your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, you would know what is yours to take and what is not yours to take. For example, when someone threw tantrum or criticise us, how we would normally perceive is “you are making me angry or sad”. But, what really happened is, you feel resonate with that what is said, then the specific emotion rises to match that frequency projected from others.

Nobody can hurt you, unless you allow it hear it.

When someone criticize or harm you intentionally or unintentionally, see ‘it’ as a package they are delivering to you, but most importantly, see yourself having a choice whether to receive the package or not. What if you choose not to receive the package? The package is remain on their hands.

Your response is the only responsibility at that time, take charge of what you can control and know that you have that power to choose. Interestingly, many times, I find that when my reaction or response is changed other person’s response will change too, said the law of cause and effect.

It is not beautiful to see others as our mirror which reflect what’s within us. When we feel hurt, people serve as our messengers or even teachers telling us ‘hey, this is your pain, start introspecting.” Thus, my romance partners are all my greatest teachers.

Now, what is your responsibility?

Are you ready to take charge on how you feel, think, and act?

May we..

  • Continue to be in coherent by understanding deeper who are you via – astrology, 12 body systems, own strengths and weaknesses etc;
  • Take full responsibility for the change you are looking for: feel, think & take action instead of waiting for change to happen;
  • Accept freedom from the limits that we impose on ourselves, freeing from the fears of own power…

Let’s do this together,


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