Not Easy, But Needed

Let’s go for a short and sweet post, on why is it important to know our truth and express it. Why is it not an easy path for most and a few gentle reminders I learned.

First, do you know your truth?

(A Note to self and note to those who feel resonate)

“Forget about living the catastrophes, or wishing to live the happy world many say. Everyone try to concentrate on why you have decided to be born for these days. We have been called to tear down the old walls and build the new foundations, but not to inhabit the house and this is the greatest honor that can be offered to us in life: You are the living builders of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius”

Matías De Stefano

Some points below are credited to the source: From The Ramala Centre. The Revelation of Ramala, pp122. & words of Matías De Stefano from

Why is it not easy to express our truth?

  • The habit of ignorance,
  • we don’t know what we don’t know,
  • we don’t question what was told,
  • rigid mind,
  • the need to belong (to the mass),
  • difficult to flow against the stream (majority),
  • need to prepare for a solitary life,
  • may not be able to relate to friends with possibility of a smaller circle of friends,
  • might going to offend someone dear to us,
  • might be dislike by others etc.

It takes nothing to join the crowd.

It takes everything to stand alone.

Why must we express our truth?

  • Express the truth not for the sake of peace and quiet.
  • To tear down old walls and build new foundations.
  • It is the duty of evolved souls to be of service to their ‘less evolved’ brothers sisters whom have been taught and passed down from generation.

The basic lesson:

“Look within yourself,

for there is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Gentle Reminders:

  • There is no absolute in the Universe, everything is relative.
  • Every truth is a truth itself, whether it resonates or not.
  • Do not look for immediate results.
  • Teach only those who are willing and came to us.
  • The audience might not seem to understand, or appear looking confused.
  • Although they may not understand but the seed will have been sown and it will begin to germinate in their own thought processes.
  • It doesn’t matter who sow it.
  • To have compassion towards all beings.
  • Do not worry if even in this lifetime you can see no tangible results for your efforts.

I am not trying to lead you toward me. I hope to lead you towards yourself. I hope to touch your life in such a way, that as I reach out to you and touch your soul, your heart illuminates the world around you with the Light of Your BEing.


Why share out loud?

I understood that Vic Qi (my name, personality, identity, body) is a tool, ephemeral. I am aware that we are merely an instrument through the Wisdom flows from Above.

“You were the producer of this life, the director of your acts, the scriptwriter of your story. Your eyes are the cameras that show your way, your imagination is the direction of photography. Your body is the costume art that covers the actor that lies in your personality. You are the editor of your reality, the art director that manifests the scenery, you are the creative that proposes new narrative or image routes, the writer of your own destiny. So don’t be afraid to act in your own movie. “

When you have an awakening of consciousness and you realized that you are everything. Thus, enjoy the co-creation of life. For you are the creator of your own reality. In short, everything is possible.

PS: The Oracle dialogue … do you remember?

When the Oracle offers Neo a candy and he asks her: “Do you know if I’m going to grab it?”, And she replies: “I wouldn’t be an Oracle if I didn’t know …”, then Neo questions: ” But if you already know, how can I make a choice? ”, And the Oracle says:“ Because you did not come to make a choice; you already took it. You are here trying to understand why you took it. “

The Movie Matrix


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